Thursday, October 25, 2007


Fall colors:

Finding the perfect pumpkin:

Marin's first trip to the pumpkin patch:


And jumping:

On a walk:

Yes, those are Easter bonnets they are wearing. They have fashion sense like that:


Tessie said...

Sigh. I'm jealous, of course. Is that your house? I love those old houses like that.

Marie Green said...

Yes, the brick one in the background of the leaf jumping pics is our house.

I love our house too. It's old, and there's a list SOOOOO long of stuff to do, but it has charm!

Anonymous said...

I am so green with envy Kermit the Frog looks faded right about now. I can practically smell the air filled with crispy pretty leaves. Sniff sniff. Thanks for the pics, they totally made my day.

Erin said...

AH! This makes me miss Minnesota! The colors are beautiful. Your girls are beautiful. I can practially feel the cold noses and warm ears under those hats. Love love LOVE it.

Hey, is that YOU raking leaves in the background??

Marie Green said...

Erin- nope that's not me. I took the picture. That is the babysitter!

Shelley- And I'LL be green in February, when we still have, like 18 gazillion days of winter left...

LoriD said...

Aww. Look at the baby in the pumpkin patch. So cute!

You seem to have more colours than we do so far. My maple tree is still all green. sigh.