Monday, November 30, 2009

November 2006

My trip down memory lane to past Novembers has probably been more interesting for me than you, but ... as long as I started it, I may as well finish it. (The first one is here and the second ishere).

Also, Greenstyle Mom has also posted past November photos. Check them out here.


In November 2006, Kate and Joan were 3 1/2 (4 in January) and Marin was 2ish months.

Do the twins look like Marin does now? I often don't think so, but in this photo I think Kate (on right) looks very much like modern-day-Marin.

What really blows my mind, looking back, is that in November 2005, Marin was not even a twinkle in our eyes, so to speak. And yet, only a short year later, I got pregnant, gestated her for 10 months, delivered her, and then POW- she's already a cheeky, drooling 2 month old!

(What also blows my mind is how she survived her babyhood without loosing significant chunks of those cheeks to her greedy mama!)

I included the "Snow Dog" photo only because DUDES: SNOW DOG. Also because those little girls? See how they don't even have mittens on? They did not "help" make it... they were just positioned for the photo "justify" David's afternoon of sculpting. You know, FOR THE KIDS.

I like this one because 1) gift idea! We framed that beotch and gave it to my aunt for (YOU GUESSED IT) her 50th birthday and 2) those three little girls are SO ADORABLE. Have you seen them anywhere? I can't find them, no matter how hard I try. The stand-ins that have been sent in their place are long-legged and not-so-chubby-cheeked.

Ha, ha, ha, ha... *WHEEZE* Take notes, dear friends, for this is some PRIME-TIME EXCELLENT PARENTING! I remember very clearly that when I would put Marin in her crib (at this point used only for "playing"), Joan would hoist herself in and "entertain" her sister.

While I showered.

(And we also photographed it omg.)

I have some photos from 2007 and 2008 that I tried and failed to download as well. (See also: using two laptops and trying valiantly not to eff everything up. And, ah, mostly failing.)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Project: Finished. But Not Without Tantrum(s!)

So how was your weekend? Mine? Well, I sat here, with a 100 lb* laptop, working on Teh Yearly Shutterfly Photobook Extravaganza.

*This 100 lb behemoth is a loaner from my dear husband, who thought making six (6) photobooks in one weekend was enough for one girl and decided that my old (tiny! lightweight! slow as fuck!) laptop was not up for the task.

But anyway, I DID IT. And I am so glad it is done. Also, since I was able to finish them by tonight, I received one (1) free calendar (which I also had to MAKE), 50% off all other calendars I ordered, 50% off all photobooks after the first one, free shipping, and 25 free 4x6 prints. In the end, my total saving was $170!

So, FINE, it was worth it.

(And I believe all discounts- minus the calendar ones- are good through December 2nd.)

I spent $175, and that included gifts for my mom, my dad, two of my grandmas, David's parents, David's grandparents, and both of the girls' teachers (they are getting calendars, made with MN landscape photos I took this past year).

Next, I need to hydrate up for my huge vein-opening for the American Girls store, where I will be purchasing three (3) American Girl dolls this holiday season. (Marin is getting a single Bitty Twin, Kate is getting Kit, and Joan is getting Julie, for those interested parties).

But then? I think I am D-O-N-E with my holiday shopping.

Since I have PHOTOS ON THE BRAIN and will probably dream about editing photobook pages tonight, here's a few of my new favorites:

My girls, on Thanksgiving Day
(Dear Kate, Please stop glaring at the camera. Love, Mommy)


Family photo**

**Tonight at around 7pm, I realized that what was missing from our 2009 collection of photos was a recent one of our family. We had one from May, and a few from this summer... but that was it. So instead of getting the kids in pj's and tucking them into bed, we made them brush their hair and settle in for a PHOTO SHOOT.

We used our tried-and-true trifecta of bribes, threats, and piteous pleading.

And after all that, this was the best one of the bunch. Do you like the guitar growing out of David's ear? The "lamp shade hat" Kate is wearing? Ah, well, it's DONE.

(The tantrums mentioned in the title? That was referring to *me*. Because I am mature and shit.)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's a beautiful day here in Tiny Town: sunshine, warmth, so many fun holiday preparations waiting to be tackled! But I'm stuck here, slave to The Shutterfly and Their Stupid Deals.

If I order my yearly allotment of photobooks (I'll be ordering at least 6 this year for gifts), I get 50% off each additional book, plus a free calendar (which I also have to MAKE) if I spend over $50, plus free shipping.

It's a good deal- YES- but the pressure! So many photos to sort through, edit, upload, arrange, caption, etc. Plus, my vintage laptop (circa 1954) was soooo slow. It hangs when I try to look at my folder of 2009 photos, hangs when I try to upload, hangs, hangs, HANGS. So David was kind enough to bring home a "loaner" from work, so I could at least spend my time sitting here ACTUALLY WORKING instead of waiting.

(I am SHOCKED at how fast this machine is! I am going to cry BIG FAT tears when I have to return it. Unless we decide I should keep it. In which case I'll also cry big fat tears of relief/gratitude.)

Anyway, here I sit, forcing myself to rush these photobooks into production. Creative energy doesn't just appear on command, but what's a girl to do?

*Back to the grindstone*

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I feel pressured today to write all about all the beautiful, Hallmark-esque things in my life, and why I'm thankful for them. Not pressured by you per se, but by the... universe?

Ah, yes. Let's go with that. The universe is demanding to know that I am a grateful, grateful mama who knows she is blessed beyond measure in more ways than she ever deserved. And the universe will be very, very angry if she doesn't list out all of the aforementioned blessings.

Either that, or my "oppositional nature" could be exaggerated by the ol' lack of Zoloft pumping through my veins, make me buck against what's "expected of me", but also making me superstitious and silly.

(You pick.)

In any case, I *am* blessed beyond measure.

For example, after spending the day with David's (large) family [wherein I had the "opportunity" to "debate" with several family member about The Gays*], I got to listen to Kate (above) singing to herself on the way home. Her clear, sweet soprano voice drifted around the van, while David drove and the rest of us dozed.

Yes, for her I am grateful.

Or how, when Joan was messing around with the video camera, and I asked her stop. I remarked that the camera cost the same as TEN American Girl dolls. And she, in her whip-smart fashion, met my eyes and quipped- "It did NOT cost a thousand dollars."

Can someone please explain to me how my 6 year old knows, intrinsically, that 10 x 100 equals 1,000? Or how she then was able to counter with "It probably cost about the same as 4 and a half American Girl dolls". Um??? I had to use my fingers to figure that one out. (And she was right.)

I am so humbled by motherhood. And grateful for it. (And for her.)

Marin, Marin, Marin. What to say about her that I haven't already told you at least 10 times, perhaps more? You know she is a charmer and a delight and that she naps like it's a goddamn "thing all kids her age do" which I KNOW not to be true as I already raised Exhibit A and Exhibit B through this phase and they did NOT nap. Ever.

I'm thankful for her for so many reasons... she made me a different, more calm and confident mother. She makes me laugh ("Mommy? Are you taking my picture for Facebook?"). She is a CHAMPION hall monitor/boss/gatekeeper.

I am so thankful for my little sidekick!

Of course, my world is bigger than these three children. Of course. But it's for them and because of them that I am inspired to better myself, my community, our planet... I have six eyes watching me.

And I'm so grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

*Thankfully (ha!) the "debate" ended in a fairly pleasant manner, even though emotions were at risk of running VERY HIGH. Maturity, FTW!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Seester; Novembers 2004 and 2005

This is my sister.

I call her "Seester", which only sounds weird now that I'm telling you. I don't know how it started, or even how long ago. She also calls me "Seester".

These are my sisters feet, in slippers. My sister recently found my blog by googling "Eatmay Ightnay" (<--pig latin). A post I *thought* I had "protected" by using "@" instead of "a" etc. Yeah... NOT SO MUCH. Turns out when you google "Eatmay Ightnay" (non pig latin version), my blog pulls up in the first 5 hits.

Let this be a lesson to all of you! The way we've all been "protecting" certain posts from Almighty Google may not be as effective as we thought.

Here she is, cracking up with my daughters.

So anyway, my sister found my blog. I suspect she'll keep reading here, which is fine by me. You'll see her in the comment section, saying things that will make no sense to anyone but her and me. Also? We use "Fuck you" as an endearing greeting. Just thought you should know.

My sister has an awesome sense of humor, and I'll stop at NOTHING to get her laughing. Another tidbit I thought you should know.

(Also- anyone else that I know "in real life" that may have stumbled upon my little blog? WELCOME! I'm glad you're here, and I'd be grateful if you'd comment so I know you're reading.)


I found a few more photos taken in November over the years. (First November post found here). November, 2004:

Oh, I loved these white sweaters! Someone that David knew professionally hand knit them for us when the girls were newborns, and they wore them for years. In this picture, the girls are nearly two and they still fit. They were sooooo soft and snuggly.

Another from 2004. We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Rapid City that year. This allowed us the opportunity to cut down our own Christmas tree (for $5) from the national forest. It was a beautiful day, and despite the fact that every tree in the forest is a "Charlie Brown Tree", we took advantage of the adventure.

Incidentally, after enduring a 550 mile trip strapped to the top of our van, the tree lost all of it's needles and never did make it up in our living room. Ah well. Win some etc.

Moving along to November, 2005:

At almost three, the girls were very into dress-up and dancing (both of which they are *still* doing often).

My mom was here for Thanksgiving in 2005. Actually, that was before my parents split up, so they were both here. I remember how grateful I was for my mom taking on a baking project with the girls. They, obviously, ADORED baking, but it was something that I could never muster the gumption to do with them. So messy! Too many hands helping!

(I kept far away from the project, jumping in for the photo only. CHEATER!)

(Also, seems as if I never brushed my hair back then either.)

By this age they had LONG SINCE stopped napping. Instead, they had "quiet time" every afternoon. I'd often try to separate them, but they'd always end up curled next to each other like a couple of puppies. I often thought that these quiet, snuggly times must positively affect their relationship. Which is nice to remember during those times where they were (ARE) bickering.

We celebrated Christmas that year at Thanksgiving, so it allowed us to see lots of extended family. I love how it's so obvious that the girls are captivated by what their Great-grandma is saying. I adore her (as I've mentioned), and their expressions remind me of how I felt as a little girl, listening to her tell stories. (Her expressions have not changed much either!)

So, ah, that's all I have today. Hey, Seester! FUCK YOU. Also? Try not to hit any buildings on your holiday travels, umkay?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I know I'm going to sound like a complete jackass for saying it, but I'm reveling in this crappy weather. Recently, it has been so nice outside that the PRESSURE! to enjoy it EVERY SECOND! was getting old. I *did* enjoy the beautiful November that we've been granted, but I'm also happy to be have a wet day worthy of good books and tea. (<--or, ok, FINE, a day of wandering aimless around the interwebs.)

Marin and I were getting a little antsy earlier, though, so we headed out to do some thrifting. However, we didn't start our adventure until after an early lunch, and she ended up falling asleep before we reached the thrift store.

(That kid is seriously gifted in the napping department.)

So instead, I pulled off the road, let Marin sleep, and snapped some pictures.

All of the leaves are gone from our trees now, and we are left with breathtaking, beautiful shades of brown.

Various shades of brown grasses, black-brown newly plowed fields, and big brown branches against the foggy, wet air and grayish gray skies.

It took me a long time to fall in love with so much brown. What I used to find bleak, dark, and depressing, I know find lovely. Breathtaking even.

Soon, all of this brown will be covered with fresh white layer(s) of snow. On sunny days, I'll need sunglasses to drive because of the glare from all of the white.

For now, though, the stark landscape is cozy to me.

While there are so many things- climate wise- that I loathe about Minnesota, there are also quite a few pretty awesome aspects.

(As you can probably guess, I'm quite interested in photography. However, I have a very basic point-n-shoot camera and a laptop that does not even support Photoshop Elements. Can you guess what my fervent [Improbable] Christmas Wish is?)

(Along those lines- do any of you have experience renting a DSLR? I've been thinking that might be a fun way to "test drive" a fancy camera, but I don't even know where to begin... Anyone??)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Edit; Lyrics

Turns out "Posey" is actually spelled "Posie". Well, at least no one had to point it out to me... my own brain kept stumbling over it.

English major, FOR THE WIN!

When I googled the spelling, I also got interested in the many versions of Ring Around the Rosie. Here's how we sing it:

Ring Around the Rosie
Pocket full of posies
Ashes, ashes
We all fall down

At our Mommy-n-me classes, we traditionally end with this verse:

Penny the water
Penny on the sea
Up jumps a fish
And up jumps me

(And, if it's not completely obvious, all the kids jump up.)

On the Wikipedia site, it lists many verses, but this isn't one of them. Tiny Town original? Mysterious.

How do you sing it? Has anyone ever heard of "our" 2nd verse?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Soul Good

Things I did this weekend to counteract the Edge of Sanity (aka: going off Zoloft):

1. Cleaned our house. Which makes my brain feel clearer, too.

2. Ate a (couple) swiss cakes rolls. Yes, self medicating via overly-processed foods that have the same nutritional value of glugging back a few dozen swigs of Crisco... what of it?

3. Watching this girl fall in love with this kitten (poor kitten):

(The other girls are also in love. Um, we all are.)

4. Planned a date, and found a sitter, the very last minute. Thanks to our teen-aged niece, we left for Bigger Town at 4pm! On a Saturday afternoon! It was so lovely to have no agenda, no time-line, nothing to answer to at all. We explored a new thrift store (loved), ate a nice dinner, over-analyzed David's challenging business partner (very satisfying) (why can't everyone be as perfect as we are?), and spent over 2 hours loafing around Barnes and Noble. Ahhhhh.

5. Slept in while the kids Lord-of-the-Fly-ed it downstairs, alone. By the time I got up, they had even fed Marin breakfast!

6. Tried to photograph the kitten* in various cutesy ways, such as:

7. Watched a HA-uge bald eagle in a tree across the street. I am enthralled with bald eagles, so this was quite the treat. (Though not so enthralled that I'd want one pecking at my head or anything. From my yard to the neighbors' tree is close enough, thankyouverymuch.)

8. Re-potted a bunch of plants. In my t-shirt. And felt sweaty.

9. Walked to a nearby restaurant/bar that overlooks Tiny Town Lake, where I sat outside with Beautiful Neighbor and had a child-free, uninterrupted conversation while sitting outside. (It was unbelievably gorgeous). And did I mention sitting outside? By the lake? At that it was gorgeous? Because we sat outside, and it was so lovely. Outside!

10. THEN, as if all of those things were not enough soul food for one weekend, Beautiful Family came over for dinner. It was chaotic and messy and loud and full and sticky... and a great way to top off a weekend. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend an evening with this gorgeous child?:

(Well, you can't. Because I ate her. Whole.)

(All of the other children in attendance were equally gorgeous, btw. Just not as palatable. Squishy babies do not stand a chance over bony children.)

*We spent Saturday calling her "Bean", which is adorable but refuses to roll naturally off any of our tongues. Today we tried out "Piper". This is the name we keep coming back to, but the "Awesome Human Name" aspect is still bugging us (ok, FINE: ME). We have decided that whatever name we choose needs to be two syllables.

Beautiful Family suggested naming the kitten Posey- er, Posie (as in "Pocket Full O')... and I really love it. It's easy to say, easy to "call the lost cat" as Shelly pointed out, and isn't a human name. So Posie? Yes?

(Posie Piper Beany Beaner? Yes, I think that's what'll go on the birth certificate.)

(Well, at least for tomorrow. Naming the kitten! The Neverending Story!)

Friday, November 20, 2009

She's Here... and Still- Sort Of- Nameless!

You guys, she's cuter and smaller than even I had imagined she would be... and Marin and I met her once (about 2 weeks ago)!

When we got Coco, she was not handled much in her previous home. This was glaringly obvious by how skittish she was around us. She spent much of her time in those early weeks hiding from us.

This baby, though much smaller and daintier than Coco ever was, is not afraid of us at all. None of us can believe it!

As you can imagine, the girls are loving her. Aah, a bit too much in my opinion.

She doesn't seem stressed out by us at all. In the first 5 minutes we had her home, she peed and poo-ed, batted around a dust bunny, and cleaned her tiny paws. All while Marin was eagerly bouncing nearby.

She's eating and playing and using her box. Which is a relief, and I don't want to sound any PETA alarms, but a cat that doesn't use the litter box what we call a deal breaker in our house. (A deal breaker that we've never experienced, thank goodness.)

Only remaining detail to her induction into our family is her name. Thank you all for your comments: I read them to the girls after school today. However, we are still unable to settle on THE name.

Tonight, our top names were Scout, Piper, Shiloh, and Bean. The first three on that list are such awesome HUMAN names, that I hate to use them on a cat, albeit a very adorable, lovable, kitten. We decided to call her Bean until tomorrow night at supper, when we will have another name discussion.

I do love the name Bean...

So far, however, "Bean" is just not rolling off my tongue...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby News

We have some very exciting news!

Tomorrow morning, after we send Kate and Joan off to school and David off to work, Marin and I are heading over to Bigger Town.

To run a few errands.

One of which will include stopping at a very nice young woman's house.

To pick up our newest family member.

A new kitten!

This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago... little sweetie!

Our new kitten will become the newest Green family member, and our current cat Coco's little sister.

She, like Coco, is half ragdoll. She is just barely 8 weeks old and small for her age. She will come to us still needing some soft kitten food and special care to make sure she thrives. (Oh, BOO! Some tiny adorable creature that needs extra loving. HOW WILL I COPE?)

As you can imagine, we are all excited. We've been having dinner discussions and making lists of names for her.

This one is quite recent. She looks bigger, but still tiny, don't you think?

So, how would you like to give us some input on names for her? (I thought about writing Swistle Baby Names, but I'm not quiiiiite there in my cat-lady evolution- to submit a kitten naming dilemma to a baby naming site, ya know?) Here's our list so far:


My favorite is Pips (rhymes with skips). David's is Piper. I actually love the name Piper, but I think it's a Potential Awesome Child Name and don't want to waste it on a pet. (Nor do I want others to secretly glare at us for use a Potentially Awesome Child Name on a pet).

Joan is lobbying for Puffs or Bunny. I actually like both of those too. Kate wants Kit (like Kit Kitteridge), which I also think is cute.

David also likes Kiki, which I like. But Coco and Kiki seem a little hard to say. But maybe not? Yeah, on the other hand, it flows really well. Coco and Kiki.

So anyway, if you'd like to humor me naming a CAT (OMG, so embarrassing!) I'd love your input- what's your favorite from our list? What do you think "goes well" with Coco?

Also, if you have any additional names to add to the list PLEASE DO. I will read any input and suggestions to the family tomorrow at dinner. Hopefully we'll be able to name her with peace and harmony. (And fluffy little kitten kisses!)

(Her current "name" is Gramps, which I find hilarious on so many levels.)

This is almost as fun as naming a baby!

P.S. For any of your local peeps that might be interested: there is one more kitten left in the litter (a gray female that looks like ours but with less white).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


One of the ways our family has tried to simplify our lives is by vowing to not purchase any more plastic. We decided this about 2 years ago now and have (by and large) followed this guideline successfully.

As you can imagine, not buying plastic eliminates MANY purchases. Every time I step into Target and start piling goodies into my cart, I pause and ask myself "is it plastic?". This goes for toys, trinkets, household items, dishes, shoes, purses, party favors, gifts, organizers, food storage containers... you get the idea.

Some areas of deviation: containers that things (like shampoo) come in, toys from garage sales (especially things that don't have a wooden substitute like Legos), things that are only available in plastic (VHS and DVD's come to mind- though we only buy these 2nd hand as well), etc.

We've found that we buy SIGNIFICANTLY LESS with this rule in place. I've also found that the things that are filling up our spaces in place of plastic are so much more aesthetically pleasing: glass jars, cloth napkins and table cloths, wooden versions of popular kids toys, jelly jars to drink from, wicker baskets, etc.

Also, I received several glass bowls with lids for Christmas last year and LOVE them. I've yet to break one, I feel better about storing and heating our food in them, and they wash like a dream. Of course, we still have plenty of the take-or-toss plastic version from yesteryear that we also use. (We are not legalistic about this "rule", but instead use it as a guideline.)

ANYWAY, I know I probably sound like a totally smug asshole for even talking about this. However, I feel like it's been such a positive change for us in so many ways: definitely cheaper as we buy waaaay less stuff (though, TRUE, sometimes the things we DO buy cost more), environmentally friendlier in many ways (less "disposable" of a mindset since things cost more, for one thing), and less plastic JUNK cluttering up our lives.

(Does it help to tell you that we still eat at McD's sometimes and have PLENTY of PLASTIC little ponies around here to prove it?)

All of that said, I wanted to share with you my very favorite-est kitchen... erm, thingy that I currently own, the Bird Tray (not it's real name; I don't speak IKEA):

<span class=It's PLASTIC, but it was only $5.99. Despite what it's made of, I strongly feel that you should all buy one too, and then we can all be bird tray twins. And we can all sigh happy sighs together whenever we walk by our prettttttty bird trays.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Drive (Down Memory Lane)

I've been thinking about how we all know so much about each other's day to day lives, as they are right now. However, most of us have not been blogging for more than a few years, so there are many seasons of our lives that we've never shared.

Along those lines, I decided to share with you a few pictures of our life before this blog was born. Since there are SO MANY things I could share, I narrowed it down by looking only at pictures taken in November, over the years.

Here we are in November, 2002 at David's work Christmas party. Keep in mind that my due date was not until FEBRUARY. Notice how the shirt is already almost too small to cover teh bellah?:

My god, I still had TWO MONTHS before the girls would be born (on January 23rd). I remember how Joan was head down, but Kate was transverse (sideways) and under my ribs. And how I would sit with one arm slung over my head and leaning to one side in order to give her more room under my ribs.

These next three pictures are some of my favorite pictures of the girls taken in November 2003. They were 10 months old.

I took this one, trying to get a good "Christmas Card Shot":

I remember having to give them those candy canes to suck on just to keep them both sitting still long enough to snap a few photos. They were walking (or nearly walking) at this time. That means that YES I did have 10 month old walking TWINS. Life is so unfair.

This next picture was taken of the girls and I at a friends house, just before we strapped our pajama-clad girls in their car seats and headed home.

I loved those hats!

Finally, this is one of my all time favorites of Joan and me. It was taken on Thanksgiving Day, at my grandma's house. I remember that I found a quiet spot to sit and nurse Joan, and that she fell asleep, and that my tummy was also full and I was also sleepy. I remember feeling so relaxed and so in love with her.

I also remember feeling so tired. Traveling with infant twins- and getting them to sleep and eat and nap in different places was really exhausting.

Finally, I remember that my brother was in Iraq, and that we made a little video to send him. He was deployed the same week the girls were born, so we always had an accurate time-line of how long he'd been gone. This Thanksgiving, 10 months into his deployment, was the first "big holiday" that we celebrated without him. It was weird.

I have a few more favorite pictures taken in November over the years that I will share soon.

If anyone else wants to show off some November pictures from years' past, please let me know. I'd love to see!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Life

My god, I spent some foolish time this evening composing (in my head) a crabby post about how awful my life was and WAH.

The truth about being a doula is this: reentering life after being at a delivery is hard.

Last night, I headed to the hospital at 9pm, where I had the honor of being with a sweet couple while they worked (labored!) to meet their daughter. After a long, tiring night, she delivered this morning. It was beautiful. As always, I was humbled by being allowed to witness the start of this new life, new family.

But anyway, I was exhausted when I got home this morning around 10 am. I hadn't eaten much all night, my body was sore, my feet ached, my stomach was acidic, and my eyelids felt sand-papery. I ate 2 tums, changed out of my clothes (hospital germs, ew ew ew), and burrowed under my covers for a long sleep.

My sweet husband was considerate and helpful all day. I was able to sleep until about 4pm, when I woke ravenous and grouchy.

My god! The house was such a mess! Forts covered the entire living room. Every blanket and pillow in the house had also migrated there. So many "attic toys" had been drug down and abandoned. Everything felt out-of-control and overwhelming. And I was feeling groggy and weird boo hooo hooo!

The kids were needy, clinging to me and jockeying over who got the prime "snuggling-with-mommy" real estate. I was, frankly, not up for being elbowed in the gut and smashed in the face by kid-sized skulls.

The rest is unimportant, except to confess of how grouchy and awful I felt all night, and to admit how rude I was to my girls and my husband.

The reality check came when, after everyone was finally in bed for the night, I went to warm a bean burrito for myself (re-entry equals messed up eating schedules too!) and found a spic-and-span clean microwave. It had been driving me crazy forevah! and hanging over my head... and then *poof* it was cleaned... by David.

My life is good, yo. It's too bad I don't always remember that.

So now, I'm going to bed, hoping that I get a "normal" night's sleep.

And tomorrow, I'm hoping to be the kind of person that my kids and husband deserve.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


David and I went to a meeting last night of concerned parents interested in "saving" our elementary school.

My god, things are soooo much worse than I even realized. Not only does Tiny Town now have to cut over two million dollars from next years' budget, but we will also be likely short another three million of funds we usually get from the state.

So essentially we will be short about FIVE MILLION dollars next year, and that's just to keep things at status quo.

All because a bunch of stubborn, ignorant, selfish people voted NO to an extra $25/month (estimated average household increase). A fucking pizza. They couldn't give up a fucking pizza every month.

And look, I know that in the big scheme of things in the world, this is not a big one. I KNOW. However, this is one of only a couple of foundation blocks that a town this size has. We are (WERE) known for our good schools. It's what made Tiny Town what it is (WAS).

Many, many good people are hurt, angry, betrayed, [insert other adjectives here] over this and no longer want to be part of this community. These people are our leaders, our spokespeople, our hope and our future and our town. My friends and neighbors.

I've been involved in politics since college. I've never been so MAD, so ashamed, so disgusted. Ever. I guess because it involves my kids?

I'm going to another meeting tonight to vent and brainstorm. I'll do anything, everything that I can to help. But the reality is: five million dollars. There are NO good choices.

I was going through some pictures of the weekend, in order to do something other than fret and fume. It was really beautiful here, and though I was feeling very sick and achy and tired (see also: weaning zoloft), I enjoyed these joyful beings in my life.

My fervent wish is that our community can come together and overcome. For them- those smiling faces above- and so many others.

But I'm really worried. It might not work out that way. And then we'll ALL pay the price, and it'll cost much more than a pizza.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Haircut; Caramel Apples

My girls have all three been bald babies. BALD. And toddlers. Well, and preschoolers. While my children are struggling to grow enough strands to merit a barrette, other girls their age have braids swinging down their backs.

Kate and Joan were well over age 3 when they received their first haircut. Or "haircut". Because there wasn't much to cut, only a few rogue longer strands that needed to be trimmed back.

Marin has suffered from the same affliction. I swear, after these three, if I were to ever deliver a baby with a head-ful of hair, I'd INSIST that that baby couldn't be mine.

Anyway, Marin has been rocking a mullet for awhile now.

Do you see how there is no hair growing from the sides of her head yet? The hair that is there comes from the top of her head and drapes over the side.

And while I thought she looked adorable with her "business in front party in back" do, I began to realize that a haircut was in order.

So, I made her an appointment at with our local hairdresser (is that the word the kids use these days?) (and have I mentioned that the salon we go to is in an ADORABLE, IDYLLIC little cottage-type building with vines covering the sides?).

I held her, as locks of her baby-fine curls fell to the floor around us. Hair that was presumably on her head the day she was born...

But now, her hair is more even. It looks thicker and fuller. And also? Curlier.

She felt like such a big girl, and LOVES her hair.


Have you all noticed that there are alot of weird, strange, and sad things going around the internets the past few days? Swistle's MIL (just plain shocking), MckMama's baby boy, Erica suffering identity theft. Just... weird stuff.

I decided the other night that what we needed was some good old fashioned, self-medicating caramel apples. The girls and I made them before dinner, but then we didn't have time to eat them that evening.

This is what I discovered when I woke from a little nap yesterday:

The sounds they ALL THREE were making while eating! It was pornographic, I assure you. Plus Joan (on left) has a suuuuuuuuuuper loose front tooth, so she had to eat hers with her side teeth, which was just perfect.

Which reminds me: do you say "car-mel" or "care-a-mel"?