Monday, November 30, 2009

November 2006

My trip down memory lane to past Novembers has probably been more interesting for me than you, but ... as long as I started it, I may as well finish it. (The first one is here and the second ishere).

Also, Greenstyle Mom has also posted past November photos. Check them out here.


In November 2006, Kate and Joan were 3 1/2 (4 in January) and Marin was 2ish months.

Do the twins look like Marin does now? I often don't think so, but in this photo I think Kate (on right) looks very much like modern-day-Marin.

What really blows my mind, looking back, is that in November 2005, Marin was not even a twinkle in our eyes, so to speak. And yet, only a short year later, I got pregnant, gestated her for 10 months, delivered her, and then POW- she's already a cheeky, drooling 2 month old!

(What also blows my mind is how she survived her babyhood without loosing significant chunks of those cheeks to her greedy mama!)

I included the "Snow Dog" photo only because DUDES: SNOW DOG. Also because those little girls? See how they don't even have mittens on? They did not "help" make it... they were just positioned for the photo "justify" David's afternoon of sculpting. You know, FOR THE KIDS.

I like this one because 1) gift idea! We framed that beotch and gave it to my aunt for (YOU GUESSED IT) her 50th birthday and 2) those three little girls are SO ADORABLE. Have you seen them anywhere? I can't find them, no matter how hard I try. The stand-ins that have been sent in their place are long-legged and not-so-chubby-cheeked.

Ha, ha, ha, ha... *WHEEZE* Take notes, dear friends, for this is some PRIME-TIME EXCELLENT PARENTING! I remember very clearly that when I would put Marin in her crib (at this point used only for "playing"), Joan would hoist herself in and "entertain" her sister.

While I showered.

(And we also photographed it omg.)

I have some photos from 2007 and 2008 that I tried and failed to download as well. (See also: using two laptops and trying valiantly not to eff everything up. And, ah, mostly failing.)


Erin said...

Oh YES, Kate totally looks like modern day Marin in that photo.

Great job with the photobooks. I am jealous of your gumption. I've attempted shutterfly photobooks multiple times and only finished ONE STINKING PROJECT. (Brett's Father's Day gift last summer, which I must say was KICKASS!)

I can't seem to get beyond the perfectionist dilemma with those darned books. Like, I want them to be PERFECT, as I imagine them in my head. And the photos don't quite fit right, and then I don't like the color scheme, and next thing I know it's 36 hours later and I'm on page friggin TWO. I should really get over that and punch one out. I bet you really like having those through the years.

Sunny said...

I LOVE your November Project!!
I love it so much I'm gonna totally steal it for my blog for December, since I am such a Christmas Fanatic, that is, if you don't mind. :-)
My time is measured by Christmases. Plus the fact that TWO of my kids birthdays are in December. The other is May.
I've enjoyed traveling down your November Pasts with you.
You have a LOVELY family- they grow up wayyyyy too quickly.

Happy Holidays!!!!

Sunny said...

PS- Love the Snow-Dog. Not many Daddies would spend the entire afternoon outside in the cold doing something so sweet- most would stay in with their feet propped up watching the "game" on TV!!
What a great guy!!