Sunday, November 8, 2009

Loose Ends

First of all: SQUEEEEEEE. Oh, man, I love Erin and am so stinking excited for her little girl's arrival! Also, Willa? Seriously, Willa? *swoon*

1.CSA: The season is over, but we are still enjoying onions, garlic, potatoes, squash of various persuasions, and cabbage. I've been buying lettuce in the grocery again. SIGH. (Above is the last several week of our haul.)

2. Zoloft: I started weaning off of it about 3 weeks ago. I went down to 50 mg (from 100 mg). Today I am supposed to step down to 25 mg.

I have to be honest, I've not been feeling the best. Physically, I'm soooo tired, often feel nauseated, and have intermittent body aches and chills. I don't have a fever, and these symptoms come and go enough that I know it's not the flu.

Emotionally, I've been mostly fine. I can tell I'm snappier. I'm less able to predict (or immediately control) my reactions, especially when the kids are acting up. I've over-reacted many times (yelled at them over little stuff, been unnecessarily crabby or impatient) and had to apologize. Overall, however, this part has not been as bad as I had feared.

3. Weather: For every rainy, soggy, gross day we endured in (normally pleasant) October, November is making up for. It's been sunny and warm here all month (well, so far), with mild enough days to be outside without coats! We are spending the weekend "winterizing" our yard and raking leaves . Love it.

4. The future of our schools: I am still SOOOO UPSET about our failed referendum which will result is several painful cuts for our school district. The only (somewhat) comforting aspect is that so many others are also upset, so we've been able to commiserate together.

I'm quite angry at those who voted no. I just don't understand it... I mean, even if they don't feel like supporting the schools, don't they care about their property value? Truly, a town this size that does not support the local schools will not continue to grow and thrive, and that will negatively effect everyone who lives here.

Stupid people and their selfish ways. *ROARRRRRRRRRRRR*


d e v a n said...

((hug)) on 4! LOOOOVE the name Willa!

Swistle said...

I feel angry about #4, too. I hate short-sighted crap like that.

Pretty veggies!

Erin said...

Awww. Thanks sweetie! I wish we lived closer because I would be on my way to your house this morning (the boys are off to preschool and Brett is off to work, so it's just me and this sleepy, squishy babe).

When I went off Zoloft, it felt Not Good. It took longer than I'd expected to feel normal. Also, I was SOOooo TIRED all the time. But it DID go away. And I felt like myself again at some point. I think it was 3 weeks after going totally off.

Sorry about #4. It is such an icky thing to feel bad toward your own community. ICK.