Thursday, November 26, 2009


I feel pressured today to write all about all the beautiful, Hallmark-esque things in my life, and why I'm thankful for them. Not pressured by you per se, but by the... universe?

Ah, yes. Let's go with that. The universe is demanding to know that I am a grateful, grateful mama who knows she is blessed beyond measure in more ways than she ever deserved. And the universe will be very, very angry if she doesn't list out all of the aforementioned blessings.

Either that, or my "oppositional nature" could be exaggerated by the ol' lack of Zoloft pumping through my veins, make me buck against what's "expected of me", but also making me superstitious and silly.

(You pick.)

In any case, I *am* blessed beyond measure.

For example, after spending the day with David's (large) family [wherein I had the "opportunity" to "debate" with several family member about The Gays*], I got to listen to Kate (above) singing to herself on the way home. Her clear, sweet soprano voice drifted around the van, while David drove and the rest of us dozed.

Yes, for her I am grateful.

Or how, when Joan was messing around with the video camera, and I asked her stop. I remarked that the camera cost the same as TEN American Girl dolls. And she, in her whip-smart fashion, met my eyes and quipped- "It did NOT cost a thousand dollars."

Can someone please explain to me how my 6 year old knows, intrinsically, that 10 x 100 equals 1,000? Or how she then was able to counter with "It probably cost about the same as 4 and a half American Girl dolls". Um??? I had to use my fingers to figure that one out. (And she was right.)

I am so humbled by motherhood. And grateful for it. (And for her.)

Marin, Marin, Marin. What to say about her that I haven't already told you at least 10 times, perhaps more? You know she is a charmer and a delight and that she naps like it's a goddamn "thing all kids her age do" which I KNOW not to be true as I already raised Exhibit A and Exhibit B through this phase and they did NOT nap. Ever.

I'm thankful for her for so many reasons... she made me a different, more calm and confident mother. She makes me laugh ("Mommy? Are you taking my picture for Facebook?"). She is a CHAMPION hall monitor/boss/gatekeeper.

I am so thankful for my little sidekick!

Of course, my world is bigger than these three children. Of course. But it's for them and because of them that I am inspired to better myself, my community, our planet... I have six eyes watching me.

And I'm so grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

*Thankfully (ha!) the "debate" ended in a fairly pleasant manner, even though emotions were at risk of running VERY HIGH. Maturity, FTW!


Swistle said...

I love those photos.

I think that the highest level of maturity I could hope to attain in that situation would be saying, "Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom" and then staying in there until someone told me it was okay to come out.

desperate housewife said...

Your girls are so lovely. You remind me of my own mom, and how close she was to her three girls. (My sister and I weren't twins, but we were only seventeen months apart!) And then a younger sister, too.
We did fight a LOT, growing up, but be reassured we all (mostly) get along now!
Also, geez, the holidays just wouldn't be complete without a discussion about The Gays with some elderly family members! ;)

Sunny said...

Amen.....Blessed are moms- for we hold the future in our care.

Lurking seester said...

Why is Kate mad dogging the camera in the last pic? Also, I can't believe your not grateful for me...