Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Seester; Novembers 2004 and 2005

This is my sister.

I call her "Seester", which only sounds weird now that I'm telling you. I don't know how it started, or even how long ago. She also calls me "Seester".

These are my sisters feet, in slippers. My sister recently found my blog by googling "Eatmay Ightnay" (<--pig latin). A post I *thought* I had "protected" by using "@" instead of "a" etc. Yeah... NOT SO MUCH. Turns out when you google "Eatmay Ightnay" (non pig latin version), my blog pulls up in the first 5 hits.

Let this be a lesson to all of you! The way we've all been "protecting" certain posts from Almighty Google may not be as effective as we thought.

Here she is, cracking up with my daughters.

So anyway, my sister found my blog. I suspect she'll keep reading here, which is fine by me. You'll see her in the comment section, saying things that will make no sense to anyone but her and me. Also? We use "Fuck you" as an endearing greeting. Just thought you should know.

My sister has an awesome sense of humor, and I'll stop at NOTHING to get her laughing. Another tidbit I thought you should know.

(Also- anyone else that I know "in real life" that may have stumbled upon my little blog? WELCOME! I'm glad you're here, and I'd be grateful if you'd comment so I know you're reading.)


I found a few more photos taken in November over the years. (First November post found here). November, 2004:

Oh, I loved these white sweaters! Someone that David knew professionally hand knit them for us when the girls were newborns, and they wore them for years. In this picture, the girls are nearly two and they still fit. They were sooooo soft and snuggly.

Another from 2004. We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Rapid City that year. This allowed us the opportunity to cut down our own Christmas tree (for $5) from the national forest. It was a beautiful day, and despite the fact that every tree in the forest is a "Charlie Brown Tree", we took advantage of the adventure.

Incidentally, after enduring a 550 mile trip strapped to the top of our van, the tree lost all of it's needles and never did make it up in our living room. Ah well. Win some etc.

Moving along to November, 2005:

At almost three, the girls were very into dress-up and dancing (both of which they are *still* doing often).

My mom was here for Thanksgiving in 2005. Actually, that was before my parents split up, so they were both here. I remember how grateful I was for my mom taking on a baking project with the girls. They, obviously, ADORED baking, but it was something that I could never muster the gumption to do with them. So messy! Too many hands helping!

(I kept far away from the project, jumping in for the photo only. CHEATER!)

(Also, seems as if I never brushed my hair back then either.)

By this age they had LONG SINCE stopped napping. Instead, they had "quiet time" every afternoon. I'd often try to separate them, but they'd always end up curled next to each other like a couple of puppies. I often thought that these quiet, snuggly times must positively affect their relationship. Which is nice to remember during those times where they were (ARE) bickering.

We celebrated Christmas that year at Thanksgiving, so it allowed us to see lots of extended family. I love how it's so obvious that the girls are captivated by what their Great-grandma is saying. I adore her (as I've mentioned), and their expressions remind me of how I felt as a little girl, listening to her tell stories. (Her expressions have not changed much either!)

So, ah, that's all I have today. Hey, Seester! FUCK YOU. Also? Try not to hit any buildings on your holiday travels, umkay?


Lurking Seester said...

Seester- I was surprised to see my smiling face when I came lurking. Too bad your too lame to come to Thanksgiving this year or I would see you tonight.. instead just gaze at the pics of me you put up. Gotta "Go Girl"

GreenStyleMom said...

I love that you and your sister have such a great relationship. My sis and I have never had a *great* relationship, but then we had a falling out just over a year ago. I don't think it will ever fully recover. Sigh.

I'm copying you on the Nov photo thingy. I have it set to go up on Monday since I've actually got a lot to say between now and then!

Sunny said...

Thats and my sisters all call each other "Sissy". It gets really confusing when we're ALL together at the same time!!!

Swistle said...

Ack, the finding of the blog!

Hello, Marie Green's Seester!

Such cute photos.

Your parents split up? I learn so much from these photo posts.