Sunday, November 29, 2009

Project: Finished. But Not Without Tantrum(s!)

So how was your weekend? Mine? Well, I sat here, with a 100 lb* laptop, working on Teh Yearly Shutterfly Photobook Extravaganza.

*This 100 lb behemoth is a loaner from my dear husband, who thought making six (6) photobooks in one weekend was enough for one girl and decided that my old (tiny! lightweight! slow as fuck!) laptop was not up for the task.

But anyway, I DID IT. And I am so glad it is done. Also, since I was able to finish them by tonight, I received one (1) free calendar (which I also had to MAKE), 50% off all other calendars I ordered, 50% off all photobooks after the first one, free shipping, and 25 free 4x6 prints. In the end, my total saving was $170!

So, FINE, it was worth it.

(And I believe all discounts- minus the calendar ones- are good through December 2nd.)

I spent $175, and that included gifts for my mom, my dad, two of my grandmas, David's parents, David's grandparents, and both of the girls' teachers (they are getting calendars, made with MN landscape photos I took this past year).

Next, I need to hydrate up for my huge vein-opening for the American Girls store, where I will be purchasing three (3) American Girl dolls this holiday season. (Marin is getting a single Bitty Twin, Kate is getting Kit, and Joan is getting Julie, for those interested parties).

But then? I think I am D-O-N-E with my holiday shopping.

Since I have PHOTOS ON THE BRAIN and will probably dream about editing photobook pages tonight, here's a few of my new favorites:

My girls, on Thanksgiving Day
(Dear Kate, Please stop glaring at the camera. Love, Mommy)


Family photo**

**Tonight at around 7pm, I realized that what was missing from our 2009 collection of photos was a recent one of our family. We had one from May, and a few from this summer... but that was it. So instead of getting the kids in pj's and tucking them into bed, we made them brush their hair and settle in for a PHOTO SHOOT.

We used our tried-and-true trifecta of bribes, threats, and piteous pleading.

And after all that, this was the best one of the bunch. Do you like the guitar growing out of David's ear? The "lamp shade hat" Kate is wearing? Ah, well, it's DONE.

(The tantrums mentioned in the title? That was referring to *me*. Because I am mature and shit.)


Swistle said...

That is a WONderful family portrait!! I can't believe everyone looks so good!

I spent some time yesterday photographing just the kids (no grown-ups to arrange) and lost my temper once per dozen photos. (I took about 13 dozen.)

d e v a n said...

Great pics!

desperate housewife said...

I love you and Marin in your hats! You look so young and fresh! Perhaps I need to try a hat in my next picture...

Trish said...

Perfectly precious hats, and love love love the family pic. It's perfect :)