Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Photos, Natch

It's that time of year again, where people plow headfirst into Christmas Mode, while I hang back, wringing my hands and wishing these next two months would go by more slowly. Also, call me old school, but doesn't Christmas come after Thanksgiving?

I really do love the early winter months. I think the build-up to the holidays is exciting. So many family gatherings (have I mentioned I'm a people person?)! So much planning and anticipating! So many secrets and surprises lurking everywhere!

Also, I happen to like snow in November and December. Not so much that I want to roll around it in, or in anyway participate in it beyond a few snow walks (followed by hot tea). But the first several snows of the year are cozy.

(What I don't like is the months (and months and MONTHS) of winter that stare me down from beyond December. But these first couple of months, the snow is still fresh and exciting (and white, not grayish black). So I savor it, for there will be plenty of time to bitch about the cold come January.)

My kids are all "business as usual" in regards to cold weather. Here's proof that I'm raising a bunch of demented little snow lovers:

(Why they are not huddled under blankets whining about the cold is beyond me, but I can assure you that they did INDEED emerge from my body. Genetics... ppfft.)

Oh, but we can't forget to do the annual Halloween photos!

I do love Tiny Town on Halloween. It reminds me of a movie set- all the big trees and old houses, the tiny costumed children, the greetings of neighbors... (I think I've probably said all of this before...)

ANYWAY, Trick-or-treating starts at dusk in Tiny Town. This year Beautiful Neighbor hosted a potluck dinner beforehand (delicious food, omg). Here are my girls heading over to her house:

We have Kit Kittredge (an American Girl*), Dorothy, and a wee giraffe:

Kit's a reporter, doncha know?:

Dorothy and her beloved Toto:

And Marin (aka: the only one dressed warm enough):

*Does anyone know if the American Girl Store has an attached clinic where you can directly donate your organs in exchange for over-priced dolls? I'm going to need three of them for Christmas this year. ...Or do I have to go through my primary doctor? Please advise.


d e v a n said...

Oh my goodness - they are SO cute!! I love the holiday season, but I agree that Jan and Feb suck.

desperate housewife said...

Wow, your girls are so gorgeous.
And yeah... those Am. Girl dolls are crazy expensive. It's A PLASTIC DOLL, people.

Erin said...

HAHA! Donate organs in exchange for overpriced dolls. Hee!

They are all adorable. I also love the "doncha know." Ah, Minnesota.

And Marin is looking SO like Emmett in that costume. The hoodie makes you focus on her face and MY GOODNESS. The resemblance is wild. Theirs is a painfully beautiful face, isn't it?

Kelsey said...

We both had Dorothys! With Target shoes, no?

My mother-in-law keeps asking about buying Harper an American Girl Doll and I'm hoping we can hold off until at least first grade - then if she's interested I'll let her have one, but she is no way responsible enough for a $100 doll - I would never let her play with it!!! Right now she doesn't know the difference, and has no older siblings to aspire to.

I'm like you about the winter (side effect of growing up in Wisconsin) I love the Nov./Dec. winter and then hate the January/February/March/April/if it snows in May I'm gonna shoot myself winter.