Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby News

We have some very exciting news!

Tomorrow morning, after we send Kate and Joan off to school and David off to work, Marin and I are heading over to Bigger Town.

To run a few errands.

One of which will include stopping at a very nice young woman's house.

To pick up our newest family member.

A new kitten!

This photo was taken about 2 weeks ago... little sweetie!

Our new kitten will become the newest Green family member, and our current cat Coco's little sister.

She, like Coco, is half ragdoll. She is just barely 8 weeks old and small for her age. She will come to us still needing some soft kitten food and special care to make sure she thrives. (Oh, BOO! Some tiny adorable creature that needs extra loving. HOW WILL I COPE?)

As you can imagine, we are all excited. We've been having dinner discussions and making lists of names for her.

This one is quite recent. She looks bigger, but still tiny, don't you think?

So, how would you like to give us some input on names for her? (I thought about writing Swistle Baby Names, but I'm not quiiiiite there in my cat-lady evolution- to submit a kitten naming dilemma to a baby naming site, ya know?) Here's our list so far:


My favorite is Pips (rhymes with skips). David's is Piper. I actually love the name Piper, but I think it's a Potential Awesome Child Name and don't want to waste it on a pet. (Nor do I want others to secretly glare at us for use a Potentially Awesome Child Name on a pet).

Joan is lobbying for Puffs or Bunny. I actually like both of those too. Kate wants Kit (like Kit Kitteridge), which I also think is cute.

David also likes Kiki, which I like. But Coco and Kiki seem a little hard to say. But maybe not? Yeah, on the other hand, it flows really well. Coco and Kiki.

So anyway, if you'd like to humor me naming a CAT (OMG, so embarrassing!) I'd love your input- what's your favorite from our list? What do you think "goes well" with Coco?

Also, if you have any additional names to add to the list PLEASE DO. I will read any input and suggestions to the family tomorrow at dinner. Hopefully we'll be able to name her with peace and harmony. (And fluffy little kitten kisses!)

(Her current "name" is Gramps, which I find hilarious on so many levels.)

This is almost as fun as naming a baby!

P.S. For any of your local peeps that might be interested: there is one more kitten left in the litter (a gray female that looks like ours but with less white).


Marie Green said...

(And I have no idea why the font changes halfway through the post. In the post preview it is all the same font.)

(Nor do I care enough to mess with it.)



Sunny said...

I LOVE the name Kiki.....also Kit.

d e v a n said...

SO cute!! I like Puffs!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Okay, I am NOT a cat person (nocturnal! scratching! also: ALLERGIC!)

but that cat? ADORABLE.

I would dub her Ms. Piper: the Kit and Caboodle.

Tess said...

I like PIPS! Coco and Pips!

desperate housewife said...

What a tease you are! I thought perhaps David had given in on the fourth baby discussion! Ah, but a kitten is a scrumptious little consolation prize, anyways, and doesn't require nearly as much blood, sweat and tears to come by!
I like Pips or Kit, btw.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I am saying this, allergic as I am, but I WANT A KITTEN, TOO! ADORABLE! Enjoy...

oh, and my favorite is Bean. So cute.


Erin said...



Oh, she is SO adorable, I could *almost* be a cat person looking at her.

Scout has that nice To Kill A Mockingbird reference. Plus it's uber CUTE.

Swistle said...

Oh, I so wish you could mail me that other kitten in a box! SO WISH!

I think all those names sound kind of PERKY for a half-ragdoll. My favorite is Kitteridge with nicknames Kit, Kitters, Kittles, Kittyberry-purr-purr, etc., because I think it's very funny for a cat to have a nickname.

Anonymous said...

OMG the cute, the CUTE! My eyes are blind from the cute. I expect a metric ton of pics next week once she has permanently moved into her new home.

I like Piper or Kiki.

bingo woman said...

You have a lovely kitten! Very cute!