Wednesday, November 11, 2009


David and I went to a meeting last night of concerned parents interested in "saving" our elementary school.

My god, things are soooo much worse than I even realized. Not only does Tiny Town now have to cut over two million dollars from next years' budget, but we will also be likely short another three million of funds we usually get from the state.

So essentially we will be short about FIVE MILLION dollars next year, and that's just to keep things at status quo.

All because a bunch of stubborn, ignorant, selfish people voted NO to an extra $25/month (estimated average household increase). A fucking pizza. They couldn't give up a fucking pizza every month.

And look, I know that in the big scheme of things in the world, this is not a big one. I KNOW. However, this is one of only a couple of foundation blocks that a town this size has. We are (WERE) known for our good schools. It's what made Tiny Town what it is (WAS).

Many, many good people are hurt, angry, betrayed, [insert other adjectives here] over this and no longer want to be part of this community. These people are our leaders, our spokespeople, our hope and our future and our town. My friends and neighbors.

I've been involved in politics since college. I've never been so MAD, so ashamed, so disgusted. Ever. I guess because it involves my kids?

I'm going to another meeting tonight to vent and brainstorm. I'll do anything, everything that I can to help. But the reality is: five million dollars. There are NO good choices.

I was going through some pictures of the weekend, in order to do something other than fret and fume. It was really beautiful here, and though I was feeling very sick and achy and tired (see also: weaning zoloft), I enjoyed these joyful beings in my life.

My fervent wish is that our community can come together and overcome. For them- those smiling faces above- and so many others.

But I'm really worried. It might not work out that way. And then we'll ALL pay the price, and it'll cost much more than a pizza.


Swistle said...

This makes me so mad, too.

Swistle said...

Posted too soon---I meant to have a second sentence: I get so extremely frustrated when short-sighted dumbitude wins out over far-sighted smartitude.

Anonymous said...

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d e v a n said...

Man. 5 mil? That sucks. I'm sorry that some people were so damn dumb.

desperate housewife said...

Perhaps some of anonymous's v1agra will help!?
Hah, sorry. Lame. Seriously, though, that is just the worst. And kind of astonishing. I want to go back in time and stand there at the polls and say to everyone, "Now think this THROUGH, please!"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous viagra spam on a school post? How interesting!

Your school's situation is just ridiculous and sad and frustrating. I have to think that sadly there are many districts in the same position. What is wrong with people?? (don't answer that)

I LOVE the leaves-in-the-air pics!!!

Erin said...

You know, I think in the grand scheme of things, this TOTALLY qualifies as A Big Deal. I don't blame you one bit for how you feel and the helplessness of it must be awful.

So, where will your children go to school when/ if it closes? A larger nearby school district?