Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I know I'm going to sound like a complete jackass for saying it, but I'm reveling in this crappy weather. Recently, it has been so nice outside that the PRESSURE! to enjoy it EVERY SECOND! was getting old. I *did* enjoy the beautiful November that we've been granted, but I'm also happy to be have a wet day worthy of good books and tea. (<--or, ok, FINE, a day of wandering aimless around the interwebs.)

Marin and I were getting a little antsy earlier, though, so we headed out to do some thrifting. However, we didn't start our adventure until after an early lunch, and she ended up falling asleep before we reached the thrift store.

(That kid is seriously gifted in the napping department.)

So instead, I pulled off the road, let Marin sleep, and snapped some pictures.

All of the leaves are gone from our trees now, and we are left with breathtaking, beautiful shades of brown.

Various shades of brown grasses, black-brown newly plowed fields, and big brown branches against the foggy, wet air and grayish gray skies.

It took me a long time to fall in love with so much brown. What I used to find bleak, dark, and depressing, I know find lovely. Breathtaking even.

Soon, all of this brown will be covered with fresh white layer(s) of snow. On sunny days, I'll need sunglasses to drive because of the glare from all of the white.

For now, though, the stark landscape is cozy to me.

While there are so many things- climate wise- that I loathe about Minnesota, there are also quite a few pretty awesome aspects.

(As you can probably guess, I'm quite interested in photography. However, I have a very basic point-n-shoot camera and a laptop that does not even support Photoshop Elements. Can you guess what my fervent [Improbable] Christmas Wish is?)

(Along those lines- do any of you have experience renting a DSLR? I've been thinking that might be a fun way to "test drive" a fancy camera, but I don't even know where to begin... Anyone??)


Lurking seester said...

so you wanted me to comment but I don't have a lot to contribute to your discussion about the color brown..

Anonymous said...

I would so like to become gifted in the napping department. Just give me a chance!

I truly commend you for enjoying the brown. It's so easy to see it as ugly and a sign of the coming winter, but you're right. It's lovely in its own way.

shruley said...

No experience in renting a DSLR. We just got a new Canon, it's not an SLR, but it is basically just a step under one, and for way less money. It has tons of manual functions, (this is taking me a long time to master!), a huge zoom lens, and was only like $350 or something. Ok, still a lot, but half the price of an DSLR! I have read that ours (the SX10 which is now the SX20 already, of course) is not that different than an entry level, $650 DSLR. And I'm hoping to get Lightroom for Xmas at the educational discount! I figure it'll be a long while before I can afford to upgrade, so this will have to do!

Lurking Seester said...

I thought of something to say about the color brown. I have a brown coat and brown shoes and I like them.. also I have brown eyes and i sorta like them.. I don't think I would like Van Morrisson's "Brown Eyed Girl" as much if I had blue eyes. Fuck you!!