Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's a beautiful day here in Tiny Town: sunshine, warmth, so many fun holiday preparations waiting to be tackled! But I'm stuck here, slave to The Shutterfly and Their Stupid Deals.

If I order my yearly allotment of photobooks (I'll be ordering at least 6 this year for gifts), I get 50% off each additional book, plus a free calendar (which I also have to MAKE) if I spend over $50, plus free shipping.

It's a good deal- YES- but the pressure! So many photos to sort through, edit, upload, arrange, caption, etc. Plus, my vintage laptop (circa 1954) was soooo slow. It hangs when I try to look at my folder of 2009 photos, hangs when I try to upload, hangs, hangs, HANGS. So David was kind enough to bring home a "loaner" from work, so I could at least spend my time sitting here ACTUALLY WORKING instead of waiting.

(I am SHOCKED at how fast this machine is! I am going to cry BIG FAT tears when I have to return it. Unless we decide I should keep it. In which case I'll also cry big fat tears of relief/gratitude.)

Anyway, here I sit, forcing myself to rush these photobooks into production. Creative energy doesn't just appear on command, but what's a girl to do?

*Back to the grindstone*

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Katie said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I have spent hours trying to make stupid photobooks. I get all hung up on being chronological. But I finally just quit that. I just tossed some photos in there and called it a day. It still took forever just to make one. I can't imagine 6.....