Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Updates on... Stuff


Her final name is Posie. She is the tamest pet I can imagine, and I can't figure out if that's because she's a) just, you know, tame or b) um... STUPID.

Yesterday morning she (repeatedly) plopped herself in the center of a room filled with loud, rowdy children, including grabby toddlers. Not that any of the kids were being mean to her (just the contrary, actually- they were all quite gentle), but my lord, I wish she'd have enough sense to go hide under a sofa or something.

Also, sadly, she's growing. Soon there will be no wittle tiny baby kitten. Oh, well. I guess the only solution is to add a human baby to the mix.




Want to make yourself self sound like a tried and true cah-razy person? Then refer to your psycho trope(s) [<--may as well admit that I don't even know what a psycho trope is, but it sounds good, doesn't it?] of choice as your meds. And ladies and gentlemen (ok, fine there are no men reading here that I know of), I have been med-free for about 10 days.

I'm not going to lie, it's sorta really absolutely sucked. The worst for me is the violent shifts in mood with no warning. Also: the tears! That appear out of no where and for no reason! I'm not a cry-er, so I find the random (and blessedly short-lived) snotathons the most foreign of symptoms.

I do see that it is getting progressively better, so I am- overall- feeling positive.

One of the 5 names our family drew is Seester. And I got her a GoGirl (on ebay... and when it came is was in fact brand new... so a tiny breech of the rules.) Seester is going to be able to wake up Christmas morning and, for the first time in her life, piss her name in the snow while standing up!

(Granting someone a true holiday wish... that's what makes Christmas magical, right?)

(Everyone should have a GoGirl!)

I'm almost done with the other names on our list too. And I've spent, like, $12 total so far.

I shared this GENIUS IDEA with David's side (where just the kids draw names; the adults do not exchange gifts), and they liked it too. Admittedly, his side is a bit more intimidating (theys got madd crafty skillz). So we now have three more little girls to make/thrift something for.

Even with my inadequate crafting ability (or, actually, NON-EXISTENT crafting ability), I have to say that the "spend very little money" aspect still makes this solution worth it.

Besides, I've always got Etsy! (And THAT would not be "cheating"... we said handmade, but we didn't say by whom).


Swistle said...

I love the name Posie. And I love that she's so very dim, um, I mean friendly.

YES with the term "meds"! Ha ha ha! Yes.

Anonymous said...

While I am so happy to hear Posie has an official name, I am not so happy that we don't also get a billion pictures of her tiny baby cuteness. C'mon lady, get your act together!

Greenstylemom said...

I want more photos of Posie also! There is no way my husband will give in to a 3rd baby, so we will continue to get puppies and kittens to ease my yearnings until I hit menopause.

I wish I could convince my families to go secondhand/handmade. Although the few handmade gifts that I planned haven't been started yet so maybe I'm just crazy to say that.

Lurking seester said...

I can't wait to get my GoGirl!