Monday, December 28, 2009

Closed Roads

The entire interstate (I-90) that runs across South Dakota closed down for a few days, messing up our plans to drive home on the 26th.

We instead had to wait for it to reopen (late morning on the 27th), and therefore missed David's family Christmas. We were all sincerely bummed about this, but out of the 7 siblings that live in Minnesota, we were the only ones that were out of state and couldn't make it back. The show must go on ETC.

Our drive home yesterday was miserable. The roads were still slippery and snow-packed in places. We drove 45 mph, for 13 hours, in order to get home.

However, it was easy to see WHY the roads were closed. This sight was a common one:

You can see how they were still trying to cut through the drift to make the road passable. This particular road was beneath the interstate (see the bridge supports?), but we saw lots of drifts like this, that had obviously been covering 1-4 lanes of the interstate. Also notice how deep that snow is!

The roads were, quite literally, CLOSED with snow.

In any case, we are home. We weren't one of the hundreds of vehicles to land in the ditch. And my bed felt GLORIOUS to sleep in.


Trish said...

OH MY GOODNESS. So happy you are home safe and sound! I can't think of anything better than curling up in your own bed after that ride. I drove home through the blizzard (well you know..sort of blizzard relatively speaking) last weekend and I felt the exact same way!! :) XO

Swistle said...

The only thing I can think of is "OMG LOOK AT THAT SNOW!!!" But I guess you've seen it.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

O. M. G.

Now THAT'S a snow bank! I will no longer complain about the four foot high snow island in front of our house!

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Oh, what a photo! I'm glad you're home safe and sound. My family is still in South Dakota so I kept checking in with them.

Anonymous said...

I claim to love snow, but holy shit! That is some serious SNOW!!

So glad you're home safe and sound!

Tess said...

It took us almost 5 hours to drive from the airport to GF (normally about a 2 hour drive). Miserable. I don't think we went over 40 the whole way.

Glad you made it!

Sarah said...

Wow. That is the stuff holiday stress is made of, right there.
Glad you made it back in one piece!