Thursday, December 3, 2009


I wrote a comment on Swistle's Milk and Cookies post the other day about my holiday motto: Keep it simple; keep it special.

And really, that's what I've been trying to do.

And you know what's helping? Ordering gifts online- and then getting the double whammy of Christmas cards AND packages (albeit not for me) each day. Nothing says Fa-la-la-la-la like some good old fashioned snail mail!

Well, and the secret to my success is that I've also ordered a few things for myself. And I still have a few things I am looking for.

Each year, we buy one more "nice" holiday decoration, around $20 or so. This year, I decided I wanted to buy an actual tree topper, since what we've used other years is laughable at best.

I can't seem to find one that I just LOVE... so I'm looking for suggestions. What do you put on top of your tree? Angel? Star? Santa? Something else? (Bonus points for links to where I can buy one just like yours! And then we could be tree-topper twins!)

Related: Here's a list of Etsy shops that I cannot stop drooling over (though I couldn't figure out if it was legal to add images... so you've only got links; so sorry!):

*Scrabble Tile Art Pendants

This girl swinging is adorable!:

Ooooo, and I love the dandelion one too!:

*Pillow! I wish I could create something this adorable!:

*Wall decals... I am swooning over nearly every selection in this shop, including:

*This gnome hat KILLS ME DEAD:

*Finally, I could have sworn she had a Etsy shop, but all I could find was her webpage. This necklace is by far my favorite:

Well, looky there. A Christmas list, including links, for David. I am wicked smart! (Two birds, one stone etc.)

(What are your favorite Etsy haunts?)


shruley said...

I love Lisa's stuff. Since I don't seem to be entering any of the giveaways I enter, I may just have to break down and buy something!

GreenStyleMom said...

I love, love, love your motto!! I might make that my life motto.

I have to avoid Etsy. I'll spend much too much $$ if I start looking.

Swistle said...

I have a green sequined clip-on butterfly as a tree-topper. I got it at Target ( <--- duh).