Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Greetings From Garage Sale Central; Also, Marie Green: UNVEILED!

So, I put everything off until the last minute (standard mode of operations around here, true), but honestly I was really dreading going through all of that stuff, pricing it, etc. All for what? Twenty eight dollars in small bills and quarters?

However! I feel so much lighter EVERY time I carry another load of stuff out to the van (and by this I mean whenever DAVID carries another load out to the van, because I am the Stickering Goddess and he is the Loading Lord). It simply is exhilarating to get rid of stuff. And the fact that every item has the potential of bringing in a little cash, well, that's fun too.

The sale will be at my friend, and Garage Sale Mentor's, house on Friday and Saturday. And if you've never had a sale of your very own, I'd highly recommend finding a GSM. I am learning so much! Like, hanging cuter outfits makes them easier to see/buy! And a tall ladder suspended sideways from the rafters makes a great hanging rack! And a plastic wading pool is a great place to toss all the toys for sale! [This may all sound like common sense, but when you are sitting, surrounded by piles and piles of crap, it's hard to have perspective.]

As for my pricing... heh, heh, heh. It's a bit, well, I guess the word is random. So if anyone calls me on it, I'm going to blame it on my ski accident slash head injury circa 1996. Ahem.

My aunt is taking all three girls overnight and all day tomorrow, and I'm so giddy at the thought of no children that I'm almost forgetting I have a 24 hour date with my attic and GSM's garage.

Now, how about some Mother's Day Pictures, yes?

These are my gifts: a Fiestaware picture in Peacock (twitter), my favorite bottle of wine, and a new bistro table and chairs for the patio. It was all perfectly selected.

Here's Marin, with the adorable red table I scored at a garage sale last week. Tea, anyone? (This has nothing to do with Mday, other than the photo was taken on Mother's Day, with the added advantage of showcasing the red table.)

Dear Hayden, I wuv you. *MUAH* (Also, *SMACK*) Wuv, Marin.

(Also taken on Mday... and showcasing the child that has the amazing ability to make my heart go pitter patter AND make my head explode, all while looking adorable with very little hair.)

And now.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE...

This is me, with the little ladies who made me a mama.

My Mother's Day was perfectly lovely, btw. I had breakfast in bed (a bowl of grape nuts and a jug of milk, delivered by the children), the sun was streaming in the windows while I read in bed, I got to go shopping, and the girls brought be reeking fistfuls of dandelions all. day. long.


Tessie said...

AWW! You are all four GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Tessie said.

Love that red table!!!

& no girls for a night? WOW! Tell me how it is.

Swistle said...

OH NO! You should have done a CONTEST! SO FUN!!

You look VERY MUCH the way I imagined you, except I thought your hair was shorter and curlier.

I LOVE your new table/chair set. Also the red table. Also the BABY IN A HAT OMG.

Kristin.... said...

Hooray! It's been a plethora of reveals lately. :) For some reason I pictured you a redhead; not sure why. Maybe because I had a friend in college with the last name Green and she was a redhead. hmmm.

Your Mother's Day sounds so lovely. And your girls are beauties!

Joshua Johnson said...

LOVE the pics...thanks for sharing! :) And Hayden, says I love back...smack! and smack again! :)

LoriD said...

We have that same table, but in a wash-out blue. I'm thinking I might just paint it red this summer.

You are lovely... I imagined you as a blonde though!

desperate housewife said...

You're so pretty and YOUNG looking! I can't believe you have three kids! I always think I'm the only young mom in the world, I guess.

Erin said...

Love that Marin. And your twins, of course, too! And you are LOVELY. You look so tiny. Plus, there was the bonus appearance of AWESOME RED SHOES! Love them as well.

Good luck with the garage sale. Hope you get enough cash to buy TWO more bottles of your favorite wine.

Astarte said...

Nice tables, both!

I love the photo! You all look so natural and happy and sunny.

Jess said...

Beautiful! Seriously, you are so pretty! I pictured shorter hair. And I'm with Erin, GREAT shoes. But the babies are cuter! (than the shoes)