Friday, June 13, 2008

Kind Of All Over The Place Today

*Sure wish the contractor we hired would show up. What should be a 2-3 day job is now going on a week... and he's been a no show for 2 (mild and sunny and perfect for working outside) days.

*There is so much to pack/prepare for camping. It will be worth it, but I wish I had a fast-forward button to transport myself to sitting by the campfire, with the tent set up and supper cooking, and with the fight that David and I ALWAYS have before leaving on a trip behind me.

*When I got Marin dressed this morning, I forgot to put a diaper on her. A little later, she was asking me for help, and showing me a big wet spot on the floor, and I was STUMPED. I could not figure out where the wetness came from. Until I noticed her shorts and shirt (!!) were also wet. Heee. Also, in my 4 1/2 combined years of diapering children, I've never forgotten to put a diaper on. (Until today.)

*Kate is riding her bike without training wheels, and Joan is blowing bubbles with gum.

*I only have to cook 1 meal over the next 3 days.

*I regret cutting bangs. Do I have time/desire/skill to deal with these flippy little fuckers? No, no I do not.

*We have ants.

*Why would someone in this household open a can of peaches, when there is a drawer full of perfectly ripened, fresh, and fragrant peaches in the fridge?

*Who let the dogs out? Who, who, who? (Who's seen too much Shrek? Who, who, who?)

*Should I be blogging or packing? PACKING. Fuck me.

*Speaking of, we got caught having sex. Again. By Kate. She burst into our room and crawled in bed with us. Oh, man. Man. MAN!

*I love early summer. Early summer is my new boyfriend. We're intimate, but not having sex yet.

*I had a great day yesterday of friends (Pammy and Kris) and community and frozen coffee drinks. I'm going to have a great weekend, with friends and community and community meals (!) and probably not frozen coffee. But! Campfires!


Anonymous said...

Did you keep having sex even after she crawled in bed with you? HA!!!

Wow, what a mood killer.

Marie Green said...

NO! If you must know, her timing was just right, but we had to scramble to, uh, get some distance between us!

Swistle said...

This whole post was so fun to read. I love that you can COUNT ON a certain fight taking place.

I once forgot to diaper Rob when he was a baby. I was carrying him around and he felt so SLIM---I couldn't figure out what was different.

Your description of bangs is timely: I saw some pictures of myself with bangs, and the pictures are from, like, ten years ago so of COURSE I look good to myself now, and I'm all "It's the bangs, not the early twenties!" I, too, do not have the time/desire/skill to deal with them.

Tessie said...

This post is so fun!

I don't think I've ever forgotten to diaper AD, but I routinely "risk it" if she need a change after, say, 5 pm. That's just too late to waste a perfectly good diaper.

d e v a n said...

Well, at least it's the first time you've forgotten a diaper. That's a pretty good track record.

BIG mood killer on the interruption. Yikes.

Kelsey said...

What a fun post! I fear we will never go camping, my husband is just not a camper and I'm not sure I'm motivated enough to make it happen. Maybe when the kids are older, everyone should go camping at least once. In my younger days I took large groups of teenagers camping, so I possess all the technical skills. I also used to drive a fifteen passenger van, but I'm not sure I want to do that anymore either!

Jess said...

I laughed so loud during this post that I woke up the babies. Fuck ME!

LoriD said...

I just went back to bangs myself, but I regretted giving bangs to my oldest daughter when she was little. They looked good and cute for about a week before they needed more maintenance. She has really long hair and it has taken years for the bangs to grow out. The baby does not and will not have bangs!

Tracy said...

We have ants too. It seems like everyone I talk to has F**king ANTS. What is the deal?

Astarte said...

Hey - you should get together with Stimey over at

because she has an ant farm and they're escaping! Maybe we're all ending up with HER ants!

I have also forgotten to diaper a baby! It was the millionth diaper change one night and we cleaned Her Highness up, put her in fresh jammies (she'd had a blow-out), and put her in bed sans diaper. Boy, was I happy to have ANOTHER set of sheets to wash when she was soaking wet a couple of hours later!