Saturday, November 8, 2008


Oh, Hai! I have a blog!

I have much to write about, which I hope to do more of this month, but for now, how about some pictures of the beautiful snow we awoke to yesterday? Yes? Ok...

I love the black against the white sky.

She was entralled by making tracks. And for once, we were in no hurry, so I just let her take her sweet time.

Our house and crab apple tree. That tree just never ceases to be beautiful.

Does anyone else want a taste of those berries? Just a little lick, perhaps?

He's not too happy about the snow. He feels it's humiliating, and that he wishes a rogue teen would steal him and smash him, so he could have an honorable death.

I call this one "Portal".
Many of the trees around here are bare of leaves, but others like these still have greenery.
I love the pops of green beneath the snow.

This fence is along the path to the girls' school.

So how long do you suppose our pumpkins will rot on the stoop before we get around to tossing them out? Where are your jack-0-lanterns right now?


Swistle said...

Our jackolanterns rotted REALLY FAST this year: like, they were melting into pools of goo the day after Halloween. So they went in the trash the day after Halloween, which is a VAST improvement over last year, when I don't think we threw them out until spring, and then we didn't so much "throw them out" as "kick them into the grass as compost."

Erin said...

We smashed ours in celebation after they called Ohio on election night.

True story.

LOVE the photos. It makes me miss Minnesota, if only for a minute.

Kelsey said...

I meant to send the jack-o-lantern to the trash on Thursday this week and then forgot. It is positively black inside, I don't ever remember a pumpkin rotting so quickly. Gross.

No snow here yet, but Ohio takes its time -which is fine because the people here have no idea how to drive in the stuff. I grew up in Wisconsin and literally learned to drive in the snow (November/December).

The pictures are beautiful!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Oh I miss winter sometimes!

It's so hot here in So Cal that our first pumpkin (carved a week before Halloween) rotted and was FULL of HAIRY mold in TWO days! YUCK. We carved another one ON Halloween just to be sure it wouldn't rot all over the trick-or-treaters.

Kristin.... said...

Those are excellent photos! I'm not ready for snow quite yet. It will come soon enough I'm sure.

Our jack-o=lanterns are sitting on the front porch. We'll toss them into the woods when we remember!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pics!! I can't wait to see snow again after almost 4 years.

Amanda Bartell said...

Um, we didn't even carve pumpkins this year. How's that for lazy?