Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day in the Life

Over at Sundry's place, you can see her version of this post, where you will find great writing along with beautiful, well framed photos. While I did get my inspiration for this post from her, you will only find crappy snapshots and poor lighting over here. So with that enticing preview, I present our day, yesterday, December 22, 2008:

Some morning playtime, shockingly without any fighting (for once). I guess the fact that the big girls are home on vacation is still novel. Only 12 more days left before school is back in session! (Hold me.)

Why, yes, Marin is still wearing her original over-night diaper. We try to get our money's worth out of those things. Plus, it's greener. But look! We are still happily reading books and not bickering!

Well, since the girls are fed and happy, I guess it's time for some morning coffee.

Dammit! Grounds in the pot! Why does this always happen to me? I even wet the filter this morning, trying to prevent this very thing. Oh, well. Obv. I still drank it down. While sitting in my "nest":

Laptop? Check. Cordless phone? Check. 40 blankets? Well, not quite, but at least a nice big thick one. Kitten to attack the back of my neck while I type? Check.

While I would love to tool around on the Internets for, um, hours, there are things! to! do! Like, put the dolly down for a nap.

And have a morning snack. Store brand "gogurt"= one of three foods that sustains my children. (The other two are bread and candy.)

Around 10 AM I decided I better not push my luck with the overnight diaper any longer. I win! It has not yet leaked. Note to self: best not to push it so far next time... one more molecule of fluid and she was going to blow.
Might as well get the baby dressed while I'm at it. Including standard-issue foot wear (see also: thermostat set at 67 degrees).

Ok, so now we are starting to drive each other bat-shit crazy. I have not left the house since Thursday. I call a friend... want to meet at the library? She can't make it, but I decide to venture out with the kids anyway. We need some new movies, ahem, I mean books.
Oh, look! It's warmed up! It's only -8!

We each apply 14 layers of down and gortex, and we are off!

The following is a crappy picture I took FOR YOU GUYS while walking into the library. As I snapped this I was hollering to the girls- "Run for the door! Skin freezes in, like, 2 seconds!"

The library was pretty deserted. I guess most people were smart enough to stay in. Anyway, shortly after we arrived, I started to smell this really fowl odor. It was STRONG. And NASTY. Oh, and look at that! It's coming from my daughter's butt! Do you think I have a clean diaper along? NO. How many times have I left the house in her 2 years, 2+ months without a clean diaper? ZERO. I hurry the kids through the process of picking out books, all the while Marin is happily chattering to the (crabby) librarian about how her diaper is SOGGY and STINKY and POOPY!
Oh, well, we still picked out a few things.

We came straight home where I changed one of the dirtiest dirty diapers of my LIFE, after which I spent some quality time spraying Glade directly up my nostrils.
Next I made a hasty lunch and put Marin down for a nap. The big girls had some quiet time reading books and watching their library movies.

Marin slept until 4:30. I have the best napper in the WORLD, I know.
And yes, we do feed her chocolate to keep her from climbing my legs while I make dinner. But not every day. I mean, sometimes, I put her in front of the tv instead.
(Send Mothering-related awards, if you must.)

Hey, look at the 12 step, gourmet meal I prepared. I know it may look like a frozen pizza and sliced apple, but I'm here to tell you friends, it took some serious cooking to put a meal of this quality on the table.
(Shut up.)

Finally I leave you with our bedtime routine of piling into my bed to read some stories. I don't think my teeth usually look so... chipmunk-y, but I guess I don't know for sure.

The night ended with a serious gift wrapping session. So serious that NO photos were taken. I wrapped about 20 presents. Guess how many David wrapped in the same time? That's right, THREE. *SIGH*
Happy Christmas Eve-Eve!


Swistle said...

This was SO FUN. I can hardly believe how fun this was. My favorite picture was probably the first one, with Marin looking at the book with a big sister. I made Paul come over and admire Marin's cheek, hair curl, and intense expression.

Erin said...

This was wonderful. I feel like I was THERE. You guys are a beautiful family. I know days are exhausting, especially in the winter, ESPECIALLY in the MINNESOTA winter, but you guys make it look awesome.

This post really makes me wish I knew you all in real life.

Marie Green said...

Hey, Erin- what do you set your themostat at? Perhaps you WILL know me in real life, if this winter gets to long. We might just show up on your doorstep. =)

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Loved this too! The pics were awesome and your girls? They make me so happy that my second is a girl. Now if I could just make her a twin.....

Merry Christmas!

Katie said...

This TOTALLY was fun. I may need to get on the ball and attempt it as well! Loved the photo of everyone in your bed. That is so sweet. What a cute family.

Also, I cracked about spraying Glade directly up your nostril. SO funny!