Sunday, October 25, 2009


Internets, we have another fallen child. This one was was merrily eating her oatmeal yesterday when her mouth suddenly became a geyser of stomach-content woe. Kate, being the barfaphobic that she is, let out a blood curdling scream and abandoned her breakfast in favor of heading outside.

Where she sat, on a chilly fall morning, on the trampoline. Being cold is better than hearing barf, I guess.

So we got some extra snuggles from the little one (love that), and she has moved on to fever/runny nose portion of this swine-extravaganza-2009.

Joan was better ALL DAY yesterday. She had a low (99.something) fever once during the day, but seemed great. She played outside. She helped Daddy clean out the garage. And then, at bedtime she became a soggy, teary mess. Fever, predictably, 102 again.

To be honest, if I didn't know about THE flu, I might not even be calling it that. (The nurses at our family practice are the ones who first said that these symptoms are quite likely IT). I'd be saying that the kids have "some sort of cold/fever thing" with a shrug of my shoulders.

Really, they've been much sicker before. Higher fevers, days of throwing up etc.

There was the one time when Joan had a fever of 105 and the urgent care clinic couldn't find a single thing wrong with her. They almost put her in the hospital except for (1) she cried tears and (2) she timed her gulping of her water-filled sippy to the exact moment the doctor was in the room. Since she wasn't dehydrated, they sent us home with warnings about febrile seizures and instructions on keeping her hydrated.

In other weekend news, we decided to take down the girls' bunk beds. They need a little more space from each other, and the bunk beds just weren't working for me (aesthetically speaking) any longer. Now I'm scouring Craigslist for some bedroom furniture for them. Headboards/footboards, dresser, and nightstand. For cheap. And I like the old, worn look. I should be able to find something soon.

(I am also toying with the idea of converting our office to a bedroom for one of them. But where to put David's desk and computer? He works from home- in the evenings- a ton, so this is an actual consideration...)

Also, in a "Zoh-my-god this could not be better timed" turn of events (see also: being stuck at home with sickies since Wednesday), I am going to an all girl NAKED LADY party this afternoon. It's a clothing exchange, with the real emphasis being on socializing and drinking wine. For me, anyway. Plus I get to downsize ye ol' closet, which always feels good. (Anything extra will be donated to the Neighborhood Service Center).

OMG. Even though I just typed the above paragraph MYSELF, as in *I* typed it, I just realized that I AM LEAVING MY HOUSE BY MYSELF- WITHOUT CHILDREN- FOR SEVERAL HOURS- IN A ROW- AND NOT TO RUN STUPID ERRANDS- BUT TO HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS- SQUEEEEEEEE!!!! I think this calls for some lip gloss.

What have you been up to this weekend?


Marie Green said...

P.S. Just wanted to clarify that David is not sick. He just jumps on any opportunity to sleep before noon-o'clock. So when Marin sat on his lap yesterday morning they were both out in no time.

GreenStyleMom said...

That's how I felt with our swine flu. I would have hardly noticed the kids were sick if I hadn't been watching out for it. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. I hope you stay well. I didn't really get anything that I could label as the flu...

Swistle said...

I STILL don't know how to tell "swine flu" apart from "regular flu," because the symptoms sound the same to me and there is NO WAY I am Googling it!

Anonymous said...

That pic is so sweet!

Have I mentioned how fabulous you looked in your lip gloss? Okay, not that I actually saw it, but I can totally tell.

d e v a n said...

Bummer about the sickies!! Hope it passes soon!

The party def calls for lip gloss. Have fun!!!

Beautiful Neighbor said...

Geyser of stomach-content're killing me! Hope they're better!