Wednesday, January 7, 2009

6 Random Things Meme

Blacksheeped tagged me for a meme, and since I love her so much, and I also love talking about myself, and I also don't have anything better to write about today, I'm going to play along!

6 Random Things About Me (that I hope I haven't already told you more than twice):

1. I have terrible heartburn, and I sleep with my bed at an incline 24-7. My grandma, dad, and brother also suffer. We all developed it exactly the same time in life- the year we turned 18. Huh.

2. I'm not sure when the last time was that I went an entire day without having at least a tiny bit of chocolate.

3. Whenever I get into the car, I start it and then race to get my seat belt on before the 5 seat-belt-reminder-dings are over.

4. I have a huge aversion to going to the post office. Perhaps even a diagnosable, life-crippling problem. I. Just. Hate. It.

5. I love words. I tried to think of a random thing that would involve using the word "sum-bitch" because that's the word that's on my mind today. Well, look at that! I thought of a random thing that used the word "sum-bitch"!

6. I find it very satisfying to remove cradle cap with some oil and a little comb. VERY SATISFYING.

Wow, I'm leaving you with the thought of me picking away at some poor baby's scalp. Meh. Oh, well.

That was fun Kara- thanks!


Astarte said...

Eeuw, cradle cap!!! Thanks for that image! :)

I get random words stuck in my head, too, and have to look for a way to use them, like I'm releasing them into the universe to get them out of my brain!

Sunny said...

I like the pseudo curse phrase
"Son Of A NUTCRACKER!!!!!"
used by Will Ferrel in the holiday movie ELF.

I also sometimes answer my phone with the phrase.."Sunny the Elf- What's your favorite color?"(I have caller ID so I know who's calling me before I answer tho...LMAO...)and I don't just do it at Christmas-time either. My grandsons get a kick out of it when I act like I'm trying to hide the fact I'm an Elf after I say it and then hear it's them on the line. Hehehehehe- keeps them guessing after all- they're all 8 and younger.

Pickles and Dimes said...

I do #3 too! I also try to get up and shut off the alarm clock before it beeps 10 times (I have it on my dresser because otherwise I would shut it off and oversleep).