Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Photo a Day Project

I wanted to talk to you guys about how I didn't like Hannah Montana- specifically about how I didn't think she was appropriate for my kindergartners. About how I didn't think that at age 5 they needed a rock star idol. That I didn't appreciate Disney marketing teenaged-themed programs to little kids.

And while I was at it, I was going to lump in the High School Musical movies. And how, yes, those movies are fairly squeaky clean, content wise, but how I didn't need my 5 year olds learning about cliques and popular kids and teenage romance/angst and how to mouth off/be sassy to your mother.

But after I wrote it all out, it seemed like a bitch-fest. And I was worried that I might send the wrong idea to anyone who read it, especially if they have Hannah Montana fans in the household.

I didn't want anyone to feel defensive. Or hurt. Or offended.

Because I'm not really upset with the parents... I'm upset with the marketers.

So I scratched the whole long-winded, mostly unintelligible post, and decided to tell you about my new project instead.

I'm going to try to take (at least) one photo a day, every day, in 2009. I started at the first of the year, and so far (5 days down, only 360 to go!) have not missed a day.

Before you head on over to my Flickr group, however, I have to warn you that I am in no way a photographer. I also have never used photoshop. I did get my very own copy of PS Elements for Christmas, so now I just have to obscure a Elements for Dummies-type book and I'll be all set.

Well, actually, not really. Because I also just have a very basic point-and-shoot camera (Kodak EasyShare Z650, if you're curious), and no knowledge of even beginner photography, beyond the snapshots I've taken of my kids over the years.

My hope is that I'll start seeing the world with a photographer's eye, that I'll learn a few basic tricks for PS Elements, and that I'll be able to see some improvement in how I take pictures as the year goes on.

I'd love to score a nicer camera, but that's probably not realistic. Even so, I think I can learn a few things by using my Kodak. At least I have some fairy beautiful subject (if I do say so) to practice on.

(I'm still learning how to use Flickr. Here's the link. Or, I think if you click on the slide show over there on the side bar, you will be routed to my photostream.)


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I often think I should do the same, but never follow through. Good for you!

Swistle said...

Elizabeth is at the high end of the baby/toddler sizes, so when I clearance-shop to buy her stuff ahead of time, I've been just starting to browse the bigger-girl section. And OMG! Entire racks of Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers shirts in size 4! WHAT?

Kristin.... said...

Oh yes, I totally agree. My 8 year old likes Hannah MOntana music, and has a few things like a calendar, jammies and sheets, but NO CLOTHES and NO WATCHING THE SHOW. I asked my 3 teenage nieces who said a whopping NO WAY to her watching it, even though every.single.one.of her friends watches it. I don't want to them to grow up so quickly.
whooee, a rant. whoopsie!

Tess said...

Did you hear they are remaking Footloose, and that Zac Ephron is going to play Ren slash Kevin Bacon? Oof. True story.

buderfli said...

Love. Miss you! No one should remake Footloose...its just plain wrong.

Astarte said...

If they remake Footloose with Zac Efron, I swear I will picket the damn theater!!! I, too, am disgusted by HM and HSM and all that crap. Thank heavens Josie isn't into that stuff AT ALL, because if she was, she would hate me, since it's not coming into the house. I don't even let them watch the 'big kid' shows on evening Nick, for heaven's sake.

Tracy said...

What a great idea to take at least one picture a day..hmmm

Anne said...

Hey! We are doing that over here too! It's more of a scrapbooking thing for me, but also a way to learn more about photography. Chris is also doing the project.
Have you looked into that book I told you about?

Anne said...

Hey! We are doing that over here too! It's more of a scrapbooking thing for me, but also a way to learn more about photography. Chris is also doing the project.
Have you looked into that book I told you about?

Anne said...

Me again,
Sorry, but I just went and looked at your Flickr (sp?) site. Very neat. I LOVE the 3 wisemen photo. I think your pictures are really good actually. The sunset one is nice too. I haven't ventured outside with my picture taking yet. I like the Flikr idea, although I don't like the idea of having one more internet site to get sucked into. =) I don't know if you'll even get this comment as it's "an old post". Do you get a noticfication when you get comments?
Also - did you read the TIME article on HSM? I didn't, but Dawn read it and it sounded very interesting. You would probably appreciate it.
Anywhoo...sorry about the novel, but hopefully you'll catch this???

Kelsey said...

I really don't have a problem with the Disney shows -when watched by the audience they are intended for... but I agree with the marketing stuff. Harper (who is four) got the "disney" junior monopoly game for Christmas. We got it from one of my husband's aunts and uncles, and after my recent trip to Target I think she may have bought that version because the regular one is unavailable. BUT I don't want Harper to play with it. She's pretty oblivious to that older Disney stuff and I'd like it to stay that way. I found it odd to have all the Hannah, HSM, Cheetah Girls stuff on a game intended for 5-8 year olds. I would also avoid the Disney Princess version, just because I don't want the pink stuff taking over our house, but it is a bit more age-appropriate. I stupidly unshrink-wrapped the game, so it can't be returned and I can't even find anyone to GIVE it to.

My fav picture might be the one where all the girls are sleeping in the car - my kids are not good car sleepers.