Friday, May 21, 2010

Camper Cabin

(Image courtesy of Teh Internets.)

Today, I pack- for just myself!- and head to a state park with four of my local friends. A "Girls' Getaway", I guess you could say.

Kate is a mess about me leaving- oh, Kate- but she is off at school now, so the worst of that is over. (The worst for her is separating from me.) She'll be fine, and maybe even have fun, while I'm gone.

We have very few plans for ourselves: hiking, camp fire, wine, maybe a movie... The weather is warm and summery... I have a new(ish) camera to play with... There will be no cat purring my face off at 4 am...

Happy weekend, friends. Hope yours is lovely too!


clueless but hopeful mama said...

Oh YAY! Good for you! I hope it's just the restful respite you need!

Jess said...

Yay, so fun! Have a great time!