Monday, June 21, 2010


Catching toads,

eating s'mores,

taking walks in the woods,

hanging out in large groups, with lots of other kids to play with and torment,

posing for a family photo, to make your mama happy,

going into town to check out the marina where the sailboats live,

wearing goggles for the fun of it,

enjoying blue skies and deep, cool waters,

swimming while sailboats float slowly by,

watching gorgeous sunsets every night...

Camping is good for the soul.


Jess said...

Your family is adorable and the trip looks wonderful. Am jealous!

GratefulTwinMom said...

I just wrote about camping too! It's such a wonderful way to let kids experience summer the way a kid should. Beautiful pictures!

Kristin.... said...

Looks like loads of fun!!!

Kelsey said...

Matt and I have talked a lot lately about taking the kids camping. But I'm not sure he has ever been camping, which makes me the expert, and I HAVE done a fair amount of camping but not with little kids. We'll probably wait until next summer though, because three seems like a more managable age than two.

All of this is to say, I love the photos and when we're ready to try, maybe I can ask for some advice?