Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Keeps Me Laughing Lately

I know I am about to share something that a group of pimply 7th graders would love, and perhaps beneath it all, I am just a bezitted 12 year old. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that there are a bunch of us (us meaning ADULTS) that find this song to be... oh, man... just so funny.


So I'm sharing it with you. Judge me if you must, but my god, at least watch the video through the first chorus before you make up your mind.

And keep in mind that each chorus gets better and better.

Oh man. Pounding the rocket! Smacking the cracker! Attacking Peru! Juicing the mango! Orbiting Venus! Driving Miss Daisy!

I'm wheezing over here, folks, and I have a side ache.

And since I'm on a roll, may I also suggest this perennial favorite:

Related: Garfunkle and Oats' song "Pregnant Women are Smug" reminds me of you, Swistle. Specifically, their line about "Can't wait 'till somebody says, don't care if it's limbless, don't care if it's brain dead if it has a penis". (Link here.)

I know, I know, this blog just took a turn... for the douche.

(Saucing the taco! Taming the shrew! Oh, you guys...)

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Sunny said...


...and to add insult to verification word is a 7th grader mios-spelled poke.

*Grin*...yeah- you're not the only bezitted 12 year old minded one here, babe.