Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm Not The Fattest Mom At The Pool

The sun kicked my a$$ today! We went to the (NEW!) local pool, and I've been sun drunk ever since. Tonight, while touring my group of first time parents at the hospital, I was verbally barfing and also tripping over my own feet. Also, my skin was still so hot from the sun (but not burned...???) that I felt feverish and goose bumpy the whole time.

It was a strange experience, to be in a swimming suit in a town this size. Other summers, when going swimming in neighboring towns, we would maybe run into a family or two that we knew. But swimming here is like putting myself on a parade float down main street. At least I can carry Marin to help hide some of the tum. (Would it look to obvious to tie her to my ass?)

Also, my Mother of the Year dreams are once again squashed. Marin, who just started crawling, like, yesterday, I swear, was crawling all over in the zero depth area. I tried reasoning with her, and fussed a little over her poor knees, but then I just let her do it for awhile. She was having so much fun! Now her poor baby toes, those sweet little miniature sausages, are raw and blistered. Makes my bottom lip go out every time I see them.

Also, here's what I've lost, er, misplaced recently: my watch and wedding rings, my cell phone, a new bottle of baby sunscreen, and my CAT. I know! My CAT! So far I've found my watch and rings... and that's it. I hope the poor cat is OK. I can handle finding out she had a quick and sudden death, but I just can't stand the idea of her suffering somewhere.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty....


Erin said...

Hey, you made it to the pool! Sorry about the less than pleasant side effects though. Did they put a swim cast on your daughter?

Also, thanks for the book suggestion! I picked up Anne Lamont's Traveling Mercies, and will check out your other recommendation after I finish this one. It's such a relief to have a good book again.

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

I wouldn't be caught dead at a pool right now without say, a parka to cover all my flub.

Hope you find your kitty!

Marie Green said...

A parka! That would be MUCH less obvious than a baby strapped to my butt. Great idea, thanks!

Germany Mom said...

Okay, I'm addicted to your blog now! I can't get anything else done cause I'm reading YOU..and in reverse I might add. Anyways, I hope you found your cat.