Friday, June 22, 2007

The Magic of a Clean House

Upon some serious self-reflection, and a great buzz from the Excedrin Migraine I snorted, I realized that the root of my frustrations were the Disaster Area that has become our home. I took some serious measures, cleaning like a mad man until midnight last night. Actually, I didn't have much of a choice about the cleaning, since Book Club is meeting here tonight, and I didn't want anyone to catch anything from being in our filthy house. But. Ahhhhhh. My brain functions so much better when I'm not overwhelmed with chores.

Also, guess what- It helps to not parent from a chair. Or from in front of the computer. Today I am trying to be more present with Joan and Kate, and they are mucho more pleasant in return. They only chased each other with knives a few times, and they really weren't running all that fast.

And! The Girls are coming over tonight. David is in charge of bedtime, and of keeping the kids UP STAIRS, DAMNIT, and I get to have quiet and food and fellowship. Also, frozen yummies from the blender (adult version).

Finally, to balance out yesterday's Brat Talk, here's a picture of all of my favorite people:

To make things simple for everyone, Kate went ahead and broke her arm, elimaniting the "Who's who" question for a good 6 weeks. Silver Lining.


Erin said...

Awww! Sorry about the broken arm. That just happened to our next door neighbors. Their 8 year old daughter broke her arm, and the day she got her cast off, their 10 year old son broke his. How much does that suck?

Enjoy the clean house! It's a rare feeling of accomplishment, and it's great while it lasts.

What's your book club reading? I am in a book drought.

Erin said...

Oops sorry. I see from your previous post what your reading.

Also, I *love* the photo! What a great looking family.

Mama's Moon said...

Hi there! Just finding you through 'Mommy Brain' and am already enjoying the first few posts I've read through. I dig the sense of humor, because honestly with two of my own, sometimes even I feel like running around (slowly) with a few knives in my hand. Kidding here, of course. Anyway, just wanted to say that I love your site and will definitely be back!!!

desperate housewife said...

Oh yes, a clean house leads to a clear mind. I seriously believe this. Which is why I fear the first few weeks home with the new baby, but that's a whole post of my own... So- you enjoy that sparkly, furniture-polished glow while it lasts!