Thursday, January 3, 2008


Joan got a Cabbage Patch Kid for Christmas.

Oh, do I ever remember my love for my own CPK. He was a boy, with fuzzy hair and a hard plastic pacifier. His given name was Mel Rocky, but being the dork that I was (even back then), I sent in his birth certificate and changed his name to Jonathon Ray.

Mel Rocky was way cooler.

The problem with Mel/Jonathon (do you think I could still send in his birth certificate and change his name back?) is that he did not have that yummy baby-powderish smell that all of my friends' CPK's had. I wanted a yummy smelling doll! Later, I got a "preemie" CPK, Greta something (she never captured my heart like Mel/Jonathon). SHE didn't smell good either! I was shit out of luck on the CPK's, I guess.

But Joan's doll? SHE smells exactly like I always wanted my doll to smell.

And I can't. stop. smelling. her.

That's normal, right?

Because I've even snuck (did you know that "snuck" isn't a word? Me either.) into the girls' room after they were both sleeping, just to smell the doll.

Even typing this is leaving me all jittery, trying not to interrupt myself and go smell her.

BTW, her name is Katelyn Evelyn.

Mel Rocky is still the coolest.


Tessie said...

I have a Strawberry Shortcake doll from when I was a kid, and she STILL smells like strawberries. It's awesome.

You know what job I want? Naming Cabbage Patch Kids. Is that a job? Must be.

Marie Green said...

That would be a rocking job.

Perfect for all of us Name Junkies. (Swistle, I'm looking at you.)

Swistle said...

That's right, it's actually "sneakened."

I'd be way too upset if I had the job of naming CPK dolls. I'd be like, "Oooh, I love this name! Oh, so let's not waste it on a doll. Hmm...oh, perfect, I don't want to use THIS name...oh, but that's because it's a dumb name, so let's not use it on a doll."

Anonymous said...

Oh god. My CPK's name was Delmer Marty. That is so wrong, but I never knew you could change the name. I loved him though. LOVED him. I cannot remember if he smelled powdery, so I'm guessing that he did not.

Peanut got a newborn CPK for Xmas and she does not smell either. Am I totally missing something here? If there is baby-smell crack going around, I want mine!!! Oh, and the new CPK came with a stripper name - Lexie Somethingorother.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

When I was at my parents' house over the holidays, I spent some quality time with my CPK Mabel Bridget. She never really smelled great, that I remember.

And what do you mean there is no "snuck". Foh shizzle?

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Okay, I was so disturbed about the possibility that there is no "snuck" that I looked it up on and they say it's okay. phew.

Black Sheeped said...

My favorite toys (other than like, sticks and turtles and snakes and dirt) were My Little Ponies. I distinctly remember the smell, the plastic-y sweet smell of a new My Little Pony. If I had that smell in my house, I too would be sneaking around, trying to get a good whiff way more than would be considered "normal."

Erin said...

I know EXACTLY the smell you speak of. Deeeeelicious. Ummm. Must find me a CPK...

Katie said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG! YES! The smell! I still have my old nasty CPK and I still sniff her head just HOPING that smell will be there. But it isn't. It only smells like dust now. I wonder if this was to prepare us for motherhood and the loss of that baby head smell? God. Now I have go cry in the corner in the fetal position for a minute...

amber said...

Ooooh, I used to LOVE my Cabbage Patch Kids! Yes, plural, as the time I was four I had over 100 of them (BLAME my mom and dad for the spoiling, not me!). And that smell is sooooo intoxicating.

Sadly, when we moved to MT, rather than rent an extra uHaul for my dolls my mom chose to sell them all in a GARAGE SALE. For CHEAP. Woe is me.