Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hey, Did I Mention Marin Is Getting Tubes In Her Ears?

Well, she is.


My apologies to my BrinkandMortar peeps (I'm looking at YOU, Treado), for not letting you know in person. (Or did I tell you?) Just today, I left messages for my dad and grandma. Forgot to tell them too. (We've known ourselves for less than a week...)

I was happy that the ENT agreed that she needed tubes- I'm so excited to have her (hopefully) feeling better for more than a few days at a time. BUT. Today, I am also a tiny bit nervous for her. Will she scream when they wheel her away? Will they let me back with her as she's waking (and will certainly *want* me)?

Also, she's a baby, but at 15 months, she's a VERY AWARE baby.

We have to show up at 6:45 am tomorrow (as in, IN THE MORNING), so my anxieties will soon be a thing of the past...


Do you guys know about Charlie and Lola? This is my favorite kids' tv show of ALL TIME. The show is about big brother Charlie (probably about age 8) and his little sister Lola (maybe 4?). The animation is artsy and different than anything I've ever seen, the kids' voices are sweet and not a bit annoying, the accents are so charming, and the story lines seem to really capture the essence of childhood.

I like that the characters are human and not animals, and that the voices are really kids' voices, and not adult actors. Every episode (that I've seen anyway) starts with Charlie in his British accent (is it British? I'm not good with accents, living here in the heartland and all) saying "I have this little sister Lola. She's small and very funny."

So far, my girls are really liking it too. It may not be their absolute favorite, but perhaps my enthusiasm will be contagious. This is the first kids show that I WANT to watch, as in- "Hey guys, can you start this episode over? I haven't seen this one before."


Artemisia said...

I will be thinking of you guys tomorrow. I am sure everything will go well; my co-workers son has felt fantastic ever since getting his tubes. Hopefully, you will see the same kind of results.

Swistle said...

I don't know if it will be the same for this surgery or this hospital, but when my firstborn had hernia surgery as a 17-month-old, what they did was let one of us (Paul, in scrubs) go into the operating room with him, and stay with him until he was out. So he didn't seem scared or upset at all.

Then they called us to the recovery room as soon as the surgery was over, and he was barely waking up, so we were there as soon as he was conscious. He was PISSED! The anesthetic doesn't feel great as it's wearing off.

But I don't know if they do it the same at your hospital. What I'd do is find a nurse as soon as I arrived and question her. The doctors often sweep in at the last minute and don't have much time for questions, but there's some waiting around (paperwork, changing into adorable little johnny) beforehand, and usually a nurse nearby.

d e v a n said...

Good Luck tomorrow! I'm sure it will go smoothly.

Anonymous said...

When Parker had her minor eye thing last month, they gave her some mild sedative stuff first that made her mellow so she didn't scream when they took her away. That part went okay, but her coming down off that stuff was AWFUL. So awful, in fact, that if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't do it. I wish you the best and I'll be thinking about you guys tomorrow. Keep us updated.

I love Charlie & Lola!!!! (yes, they're British) Parker doesn't like it yet but I keep trying because I'd rather C&L than Caillou any day!!!

Feener said...

so glad she is getting them and you get some relief. i know it must be nerve racking, but my nephew got it done, as well as 2 of my nieces and all did sooo well.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Fingers crossed for an easy, non-stressful surgery tomorrow!

Tessie said...

Good luck! I'm sure by now it's probably all over with!

AD has tubes as well, and it has helped SO MUCH. She was getting constant, back-to-back double infections and she hasn't had one problem since. And even if she does, all you have to do is apply the ear drops, no antibiotic or anything. It has been GREAT.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I'll be thinking of you guys. It's routine surgery...it's routine surgery...it's routine surgery...(that could be your mantra)

Erin said...

Good luck with the tubes. We did it with Calum at 14 months. He was back to his same self within hours. AND HE STARTED SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. Within weeks. Or less. It was like a light switch (well, sort of, a light switch with a dimmer, which dims slowly but definitely works. ok, this metaphor has lost its value), he could HEAR and he started TALKING and he could SLEEP AT NIGHT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Good luck. I will be thinking of you and Marin.

LoriD said...

Good luck with the tubes. I know lots of kids who have had them and the ear infection problem improved dramatically.

We LOVE Charlie & Lola - I wish it was on as often as Dora! The books are excellent too, if you ever come across them.

Kelsey said...

I just happened upon this post and thought I would mention that Charlie and Lola are the creation (I believe) of author Lauren Child. Whether there was a Charlie and Lola book before the tv show I do not know. However there are Charlie and Lola books and also several other wonderful books by Lauren Child that your older girls are probably getting to a perfect age for. I hope you get a chance to check them out. And congratulations on the girls turning five -- that must feel like such a wonderful accomplishment.