Monday, February 4, 2008


If Linda doesn't post some pictures soon, I'm going to get rigor mortis in my trigger-finger from it freezing to death while hitting "refresh" over and over.

Have I mentioned my office is cold?

What is she going to name that baby? WHAT?

If anyone knows anything, PLEASE let me know.

(Also. I hope she's having a wonderful and lovely day and not worrying one bit about us. Because one shouldn't have to worry about the internets while giving birth. So don't tell her I sat around all day drumming my fingers, ok? I mean, unless she asks. And then just tell her I was politely anxious and ...fucking going insane. Or something.)


Tessie said...

Oh man. I KNOW. I have had to Set Limits. I'm only checking every 30 minutes now. We are going to lock that website up TIGHT. How many page views do you think she will get today? One million? TWO?

Marie Green said...

Yes, every thirty minutes. That is a GOOD rule. I'm going to make some tea, and, uh, pat the children? or something, and then COME BACK in a little while.

You are so SMAHT Tessie!

Swistle said...

I was the SAME WAY. Checking, checking, checking, checking, checking. Nursing the baby and ready to SPRING UP to check again as soon as he was done.

You saw the pic and the name, right?