Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday/Fat Tuesday

It's Fat Tuesday- mmm jambalaya and corn bread.

I am caucusing for Obama. [Edited to add link- awesome link.]

I just hope he doesn't get assassinated.

Last night work was funny, but also frustrating.

I was having a hard time keeping it together.

My dear friend is moving.


Also, someone that I struggle with was in FINE FORM.


I may never get to have a nomal, vaginal delivery.


(We may not even have another child, but still, sucks.)

My baby has turned into a toddler- SUDDENLY- and I miss my baby.

My toddler is annoying as hell.

Also, cute.

Also, loud- so, so, loud.

So far, this Tuesday has not been Super at all.


Are you caucusing?

I'd love to hear who you are rooting for.


Swistle said...

I'm rooting for Clinton. I would be just as interested to have Obama as president, but I'm suspicious of magnetic, charismatic people. I'm more trusting of people who are less chemically attractive.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Swistle's comment mad me laugh!

I hate that I'm so conflicted on this. I almost didn't vote which is shocking, that's how messed up about this I am. But yeah, I'm with Obama. I think Dems need some charisma these days.

ps. my baby is now a toddler too and I don't remember giving permission for that.

Brillig said...

I'm sorry that you're Tuesday isn't so Super.

And I TOTALLY understand what you're saying with the not being able to have another baby normally again. I stress that I'll never have a normal pregnancy again, even though I'm quite sure I won't be having another baby. Hahaha. Oh well.

Sorry your friend is moving. That sucks.

Hope your day finds a way to become Super.

Artemisia said...

I am still sad that Edwards is out. I don't get to vote today anyway. But if I were - it would be Omaba.

Anonymous said...

I voted last week (Obama). My toddler is also driving me insane. I suggest we put ours together in a padded room and have a lovely drink. Cheers!

d e v a n said...

Obama for me!
Sorry for the not super Tuesday.

Anne said...

So sorry about the sleep, the loss of babyhood, and your not so lovely day. But so happy you're caucusing for Obama.....we'll see how he fares tonight! If it makes you feel any better, my toddler has turned into a rebellious teenager and I am sure I didn't give her permission for that...she even wants to put her own tights on.....I can hardly get my own tights on.....you know, on the rare occassion I wear a skirt....

desperate housewife said...

I'm not rooting for anyone as yet, but my husband is a precinct leader for RON PAUL. Who seems like a crazy at first glance, but at least he wants to get us the heck out of this war. And eliminate the income tax and balance the budget and stop policing/babysitting the world. He doesn't have a shot in hell, granted, but some of his points actually resonate with me. I just pray to the Lord that HUCKABEE doesn't get nominated. He seems to be a religious zealot, which generally equals dangerous.

Comment Part Two:

I'm sorry you're feeling sad about the VBAC thing. I was actually thinking about C-sections a lot the other day for some reason, about how some women feel that they aren't really "giving birth." But I would say, for what it's worth, that whether it's through your abdomen or your hoo-ha, you are allowing your body to be painfully opened up to give your child passage. That IS giving birth, and it's brave and amazing either way.

Tessie said...

I guess I didn't know you HADN'T had a vaginal birth! How did I miss that? Great comment by DH. I agree.

I DO NOT KNOW who I am voting for yet. Can you believe that?

Also, toddlers are so, SO loud. Also: bossy. ALSO: LOUD.

Erin said...

You must have done one heck of a job up there for Obama; he kicked ass!

Sorry you're feeling down about the birth stuff. I love what DH said too. I second that, sister!

Also sorry about the sleeping. That can be such a WEAR.

BUT I was so excited to come to your blog and see all these new posts! I'm home today with two pukey boys, and catching up on all web buddies.

Katie said...

Toddlers can be kind of sucky. I miss the baby too....but then I remember that I get to sleep all night long now and then...I don't miss it so much!

I am in the Obama camp as well. It isn't that I'm against Clinton, but I worry she is too polarizing. And I really want a DEM that can get elected!