Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just Wondering

1. What do you do to make winter blahs less blah-y? My two major tricks (rearranging furniture and getting a haircut) have been done and it's only February. IT'S ONLY FEBRUARY! Seriously, I might not survive this winter without gnawing off my own paws b/c they are NEVER WARM. This is an artic hell hole, HELL HOLE, I say.

2. Did you have really bad nausea when you were pregnant? What did you do that helped? (I am asking for a friend, because while sex is a completely wonderful "keeping warm" activity, it hopefully will not result in procreating for my family.)

3. Do you have an "apple"? (As in "of your eye".) Pammy asked this at work awhile back, and I've been wanting to ask you about it since. Look, I know a mother's love is equal and each child (pet) has his or her own special place, but do you have one child(pet) that makes you especially gooey? I'm not sure if I do. Until recently, I would have said Marin, but I'm not sure if that's because I love babies so much, or if she's really my apple. And now that she's decided she's a toddler, well. Around here, the jury is still out.

P.S. Blogger, you stupid jerk, you can stop laughing now and turn spell check back on. Seriously, we all get your point.


Flibberty said...

I can't comment on the pregnancy stuff, but I can say that I just bought a pair of flip flops and they make me hopeful that someday I will wear them. So maybe getting oneself ready for warm weather helps?

As for the apple of my eye, I don't have kids yet, but the apple of my eye is my ridiculous dog Millie who is a real life, eathing, breathing, pooping stuffed animal. Cutest and sweetest dog EVER. I'm actually proud of her because she is so sweet and good natured and I like to think I had something to do with that.

Tessie said...

I won't go anywhere NEAR that winter blahs question if I value my life.

I didn't have BAD nausea, but I did have some and the only thing that helped was light exercise. I KNOW. LAME. Also: SHUT IT.

That apple question is so interesting. I can't wait to read the responses. I only have one kid, but out of my two dogs my apple is Sasha, the Fake Rottweiler. I think it's because BR blantantly favors Jager and so I feel sorry for her.

Marie Green said...

Tessie- smart idea, not answering that first question. Though, you could've offered to let all of us northern-ers come take a dip in your pool! =) (BTW, I'd probably say no, sounds too COLD).

flibberty- Oh, yes, it's b/c you are such a GOOD doggie mommy- it HAS to be! ;)

Tracy said...

I just asked almost the same question about winter. I am SO tired. I feel like I am just longing and wishing away the days.

I did get super nausea. I slept A LOT. Also when I wasn't sleeping, I was eating.

And the Apple. Well the jury is still out. My youngest is at my favorite age frame (2 1/2) The four year old is throwing attitude with her mouth and actions, so I don't know if it is the age difference of the two or what. THey are definitely their own person. They require to be loved different. (also, the younger is very cuddly, which the older one never has been)

Anonymous said...

Oooh...I am sorry that I do love winter. :( I am a Minnesotan to the core!

Pregnancy nausea. Puke. :P I can't say much except...poor thing, I hope it passes at 12 weeks..

Apple. Hands down, Jonah. He came out with an apple face and hasn't rotted since...*sigh* He is my saving grace, especially when I am in a bad mood and maybe being too hard on him. He seems to just take it and wag his tail to be loved, have you seen his nose? Heart of gold, that boy...

Pickles & Dimes said...

Here through Tessie - hi!

To combat the winter blahs (gotta love Minnesota), I actually look for jobs in warmer climates (today I looked in Cabo and Jamaica).

I don't have kids either, but of our 2 cats, I definitely favor the "people cat" more; the one who likes to be picked up and who will sit in your lap the whole night. She's more mellow.

Anonymous said...
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Swistle said...

1. I, um, buy stuff. I didn't realize it until you asked and I started answering and all my answers were about buying things. I buy certain KINDS of things: nicely scented things (candles, perfume), and fun things to try (lipsticks, shampoos).

2. Yes, and the only thing that even KIND OF helped was eating whatever I could imagine eating. So I had cold sausage pizza five meals a day for several days, for example. The only other thing that helped was getting past the first trimester.

3. My youngest baby is always my apple. Once that baby is a toddler, the apple status goes around from kid to kid.

Anonymous said...

I shop to combat blahs of all kinds. I love a bargain.

Nothing I tried for nausea worked during pregnancy. Nothing. I tried it all including specific foods, no foods, sea bands, nothing except time and a deep love for my sofa.

Lately, I would have to say I have no apple. My kid is a toddler who practices ways to torment me hourly and my husband is only home 2 days a week. My dogs and cats are all needy, very hairy beasts who provide torment when the toddler isn't around. So call me grumpy, but if there was an apple, I probably ate it.

jershua said...

pammy... kee hee hee

Mommy Brain said...

I had all day sickness for 30+ weeks. Sea bands helped so much. Really moved it from can't-keep-anything-down to just a feel-sick-to-my-stomach kind of thing.

Eat whatever works. I ate Kentucky Fried Chicken for a month. Pretty much just KFC for five meals a day. I fully expected to hatch two eggs. Ginger snaps helped if they were made with real ginger and Canada Dry ginger ale.

I also slept as much as possible. Can't feel sick if you're asleep. Hope it passes soon for her!

desperate housewife said...

Mm, sleep was the only thing that helped me. I slept probably sixteen hours a day. Oh, and, you know, NONSTOP SNACKING.
I rearrange too. I actually have resisted so far because it makes Jim crazy, but I've been seriously contemplating it.
I don't think I really have an apple. Both kids are for different reasons, I suppose.

Erin said...

Music for winter blahs. Lots of music, sometimes loud. And all the lights on. And dancing. These things help.

No real nausea during pregnancy. I was very lucky.

Oh, I do I do I DO have an apple right now and it is that baby Emmett. He is magically delicious. I cannot get enough. I love them both, of course and obviously, but right now that baby is my scrumptious little apple. No doubt.

Katie said...

If you find a cure for the winter blahs, please....let me know. I am fantasizing about spring!

Nausea...I felt vaguely carsick most days and then horridly ill in the evenings. I also slept all the time (like others on here)...and found that when I felt nauseous, I would eat something dry--like crackers. Then, after I could stomach those I would eat beef jerky!

apple....oh. NOT my toddler at the moment. She is testing all my patience reserves...and those are very limited!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

1. Oh the winter blahs in LA are SO terrible that I can really relate.

Sorry. That was bitchy. Don't hate me.

I did live in Northern Maine for a year and I found that exercise, internet purchases for spring, and buying those special light bulbs that are supposed to simulate sunshine did wonders for me.

2. I was not nauseous when pregnant. I was ravenous. I have found that crystalized ginger helps with my motion sickness though.

3. As I only have Zoe, I have only one apple. I cannot imagine how I will love another child as much but I'm sure I'll find more room in this heart of mine once we walk down that (TERRIFYING) road.

Is it always the youngest who is the apple because they are forever the baby? It seems that way in my random, in-my-brain sample.

LoriD said...

I kinda love winter and everything that goes with it: playing in the snow, baking, eating comfort food, etc. I live for snow storms. Seriously.

I didn't have much nausea while pregnant. Advice my mom gave was to eat an orange and some crackers before even getting out of bed.

As for the apple, I would have to say my son is my apple. The girls are great and funny, but the boy is sweet and snuggly and so happy all the time, I just can't get enough of him!

Black Sheeped said...

I like to feed birds and buy birdseed, and feed the squirrels. I figure they're sick of winter, too.

I don't think I could pick ONE apple, of my four animals. So hard!