Monday, February 15, 2010

Drawing a Blank on Titles

Wowza, what a week of funk.

I've been extra tired lately, and thus feeling unmotivated, and thus feeling depressed. And then wondering if I'm depressed because I'm tired or tired because I'm depressed or depressed because I'm unmotivated or unmotivated because I'm tired. GEEZUZ. Which came first, the chicken or the egg, ya know?

I mentioned before that I've heard of theories that say that kids have six months of equilibrium and six months of disequilibrium. And that I felt like we were in the six "good" months. Although I'm not nearly organized enough to track if our "good" times versus our "bad" times are exactly six months, I think this pattern holds true. We have several months of chugging along peacefully followed by several months of swimming upstream.

So even though we are chugging along peacefully at the moment, I still spend a great deal of time fretting over the impact that whatever-is-wrong-with-me is negatively effecting the kids. I once even googled "how depression effects children" and WHOOO BOY don't do that. Just, don't.

My biggest complaint of being med-free is that I feel like I SNAP without any warning. Which isn't pretty OR fair to the children. That alone is making me wonder if I do in fact need to try another drug. A drug that will effect my brain. GAH.

So, hey, Shelley is having a fun convo over at her place yesterday and today, and she even quoted me! You should hop over and add your two cents. And feel free to disagree with me- I love a thoughtful debate. Do YOU believe in unconditional love?

Meanwhile, I'll be here, wishing and hoping that spring is all I need to cure what ails me.

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Anonymous said...

"kids have six months of equilibrium and six months of disequilibrium"

This makes so much sense!
~ d e v a n