Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scenes of a (Hopefully) Fading Winter

*Farm fresh, colorful, local eggs.

*Indoor play-messes wherein the play continues from day to day without ever putting the toys away in between.

*Static, static everywhere... but less so all the time.

*Pears ripening in the windowsill.

*Cat naps... and cats napping.

*Snowbanks taller than the children, and in some cases, taller than the parents too.

*Those last few inches of new fallen snow, optimistically left unshoveled... in hopes they melt instead.

*Giggling, for the joy of giggling. (Also, a form of "winter exercise", when all else fails.)

*Ice houses leaving the lake, one by one.

*3D movies from the library.

*Projects that pass the time due to needing glue... lots and lots and LOTS of glue.

*Anticipation of warmer days, snow melting, thawing soil, spring flowers, and neighborhood walks so vivid that it aches.

*Perusing of summer photos, most especially summer foods, to remind yourself that winter does end, and it WILL end soon.

*Snow forts- tall enough to stand in!- built by a dedicated daddy.

*Sanity saving friends that you are so grateful for that you want to kiss their feet or stroke their hair or simply weep each time you see them.

*Timeouts for- out of sheer boredom- being just a little too rough with the kitten.

*Thinking about Easter dresses, and emails planning Easter meals.

*Putting "flowers" on the grocery list. For real.


Also, several of your comments from yesterday's post made me laugh. Out loud. As in: a noise was actually coming from my throat. (Sarah's yeti comment has me intermittently chuckling whenever I think of it...) I've responded to several of them, so if you left a comment you may want to check back.


Jess said...

I know you're going crazy with winter and all, but this post makes it look... not so bad. Kind of sweet, actually.

d e v a n said...

great pictures!

Seester said...

Thats an awesome snow fort! And I love the pic of Marin (is that her name here?) on the steps... and I hope you answer your f'n phone tomorrow cuz I need to talk at you

Kelsey said...

Look at all that snow! I must admit, it does put our snow into perspective - we almost always leave the driveway snow to melt - on only occasionally regret it.

Loved the pictures.

designHER Momma said...

ugh - we have cabin fever as well. And don't you think farm fresh eggs are so superior to normal eggs sold in the store? I'm an egg snob.

Good Enough Mom said...

This is great. I am right there with you...And my preschooler is totally feelin' yours on the boredom-induced time-out-resulting naughtiness!

Laurie said...

I'm scared to say how much I want winter to end. March does not always mean the end of winter in my beloved Alberta. But I'm hoping, because as pretty as pictures make it...I'm tired of snow!