Monday, November 19, 2007

First Snowy Day

Saturday was our first snowy day, though not enough fell to even cover the ground. But that means too things in our household: 1) we proceed with our family's "first snow day tradition" and 2) we get to put the down and flannel bedding on our bed.

1) After watching some highly educational PBS show (Clifford maybe?), Kate and Joan came to me devastated that WE didn't have a first snow day tradition. Never one to break the 3 year olds' hearts, I was all, OF COURSE WE DO. They were so excited! What is it??? In my head I was all "Oh, F*^K." So I blurted out- "We have a fire in our fireplace on the first day of snow."

Do you know what a bad idea this was? The kids are always too excited, and David is always grudgingly playing along, and while he tries to make a fire the kids are catapulting around the living room with blankets and pillows and nearly catching themselves on fire. Now, I wouldn't mind if our couch in that room burned to dust, but I want to do it in a CONTROLLED WAY, and preferable OUT of the house. So while I wholeheartedly encourage a "first snow day" tradition of your very own, I'm telling you to think it through. Getting the kids excited about a FIRE, with actual flames = not such a smart idea. I was put on the spot, people!

2) Our ACTUAL first snow day tradition is that we pull out our winter bedding. Every fall I make us wait until the first snow. Around here, that usually happens sometime in October. This year, not so much. So when we DID pull out our down comforter I could not believe that we had been allowing ourselves to freeze our asses off for so long! I was warm, and I did not have 15 lbs of quilts weighing me down.

(It was extra special, since we did not use our down last year, due to this guy's rules about co sleeping.) (Also, we were not as cold last winter, because David did not try to freeze our pipes each and every night due to Heating Plan: Newborn In The House. He is now back to his regularly scheduled program of Heating Plan: Each Man For Himself.) (I curse those program-able thermostats! People- children even!- everywhere are waking with ice on their eyelashes due to the Hot Blooded Adult in the House That Sets the Temps Too Low.) (You know exactly what I mean, right?)


Anonymous said...

HA! We live in an igloo too, but for different reasons. My husband is always hot hot hot, so even through most of the winter (even when we did not live in FL) we have the a/c on. My side of the bed is 6" thicker b/c of all the blankets that somehow always end up on him during the night. I hate being cold when I sleep. HATE!

I am totally jealous of your snow though. When you get snow that sticks, will you post pictures?

Tessie said...

Well I use flannel sheets year-round, and I live in TEXAS. I love them so.

Black Sheeped said...

It took a winter of complaining every. single. moment. (soooo much complaining, it was pretty hardcore) to get our thermostat changed from 59-60 to a glorious 63 or 65. He always told me to put another sweater on, but I think I should not need to wear three sweaters inside my own house.

It's an age old battle. We've never used flannel sheets due to his always being hot, but I dream of them longingly.