Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meme- Christmas Version

I was tagged for a meme, and it is exactly what I need right now- something specific to blog about! (Thanks El-e-e.) However, I'm going to switch it up.

Here it is- 7 random things I want for Christmas:

1. A new camera. As of right now, mine is missing. MISSING. Seriously, my stomach hurts.

2. More place settings of my new! dishes! (All of the different colors make me happy.) Also, some of the extra pieces- serving dishes, the fancy pitcher, etc. Good-bye wedding dishes. The past 7 years have been great.

3. These shoes by Dansko. (In tomato suede leather... or hunter or black or brown.) (David, are you taking notes?)

4. A dust buster. Although, if I could get one of these and not have it "count" for a Christmas gift, that would be fine too. In that case, I would change #4 to Diamonds.

5. A new couch! A whole new living room set! (Specifically: a couch, 2 comfy chairs and a big ottoman. And some coffee/end tables. Hello? David??) Oh! And a bonfire to burn our old couch...

6. A cleaning service. Nothing extravagant- twice a month would be plenty.

7. Sleep- blissful, uninterrupted sleep. And I don't mean just one night- I want night after night after night- so much sleep that I get that icky "I've slept too much" feeling. *salivating at the thought* (Aww, heck, throw in a new mattress too.)

Ok, so now it's your turn. What do you want for Christmas? And, don't be getting all noble and all I want is "world peace" on me. I'm interested in consumerism- rampant consumerism!

In fact, let's just assume that the following is on your list already: healthy family, a presidential campaign that doesn't make your stomach cramp, a lottery win, a 30 day spa vacation to Hawaii with a full time nanny so you don't have to miss the children, 365 days of non-shrieking and non-whining children... Oh, and of course, a kitchen remodel, complete with all new appliances.

So besides all of that, what do you want?

Go! Be greedy!


LoriD said...

I love your list. Those dishes are awesome and happy!

My list would include:

A stand mixer

All new baking pans: cookie sheets, mini muffin tins, cake pans... the works!

A whole new wardrobe.

A Wii with all the sports games.

A basement remodel to bring us out of the '70's

el-e-e said...

I definitely want the kitchen remodel (how did you know?) but since that's already thrown in...

GIFT CARDS. To Starbucks, the bookstore, iTunes, and my favorite, Talbots.

THE NURSERY, decorated to my specifications and ready to welcome our baby girl in February.

Some CHINA. I have loads of place settings, but not many serving dishes.

Everyone's making me want a stand mixer, and I do, but I cringe at its size and my storage situation. So, a stand mixer and a handy cabinet in which to hide it.

And, what the heck, an HDTV for my hubby. :)

Tessie said...

I want a Le Creuset dutch oven and a Kitchenaid food processor.

Anonymous said...

I am so stealing this to do later!

Mommy Brain said...

#4 is a must have. It's my new favorite baby shower gift to give.

Your new dishes are beautiful. I love all the colors, too.

Erin said...

I want a new winter coat, a robe, some of those fancy-ish boots to wear with a skirt, a stand for the porch swing my dad made us, a coffee table, an end table, a new television, a plug-and-play thingy for my iPod, some audio books for Calum, time to paint the downstairs of our house, and all of our family videos transferred onto dvd.

Swistle said...

I love the new dishes! What colors do you have so far!