Saturday, December 1, 2007


So when I come home at the ass-crack of dawn from my work Christmas party, and the house is all cozy and warm, and the kids have been fed, read to, tucked in, and loved up by their Daddy while I was gone, and then. THEN. I get to crawl into bed where it's already all warm from my husband. And he's been sleeping on my side, so that my side is extra warm. Well, that is enough. It's pretty much all I need.


Hey! Did I tell you we found our digital camera? We did! We are so happy/relieved. Also, we have stopped obsessing over the ads for good camera deals. Happy! Relieved!


We have a plethora of underwear/panties/drawers/choose-your-favorite-term-here. A few months ago, the girls had only enough underwear to get through about 7-10 days. I had about the same number. David's underwear situation is confidential, so I'm not allowed to share with you. But that's ok, because I can still make my point without that information. So anyway, we each had roughly a week's worth, thus forcing us to do laundry weekly. Then, we all got more underwear. (You: What a splurge! Go Greens! Me: Hush now, or I'll forget what I'm saying.) Now, we don't run out of underwear, therefore we don't do laundry every week. Then when we DO start laundry, it's out of control.

So, I need to throw out some underwear. That's my point. Nothing else.


PS. It's snowing here. We're supposed to get lots and lots of snow. (*cue "White Christmas"*) Now is when you either swoon or barf, or maybe both?


desperate housewife said...

Ha! I just bought new underwear this week too! Only my reason was that our freaking disgusting dog has a fetish for digging into the hamper and chewing my panties into nasty wet shreds. So I constantly have to replenish. On the up side? My underwear are never owned long enough to get truly grody (which means I'll never be embarassed if I get in a terrible accident and have to my clothing cut off me at the hospital.)

Erin said...

Is it just me, or is it DIFFICULT to throw out underwear?

I have a hard time doing that. God, isn't that sad? But I feel like it's ... I don't know... extravagant? But I need to do the same. I need to toss and then maybe re-up my supplies. Perhaps you will be my inspiration. Isn't that what you always hoped for? To be someone's inspiration for a complete underwear supply re-haul? No? Oh well then.

Marie Green said...

Desperate housewife- I had a dog that did that too! WTH? In the winter, we'd get lazy with poop-scoopinng and come spring all that was left was little wads of my underwear. (I feel like I've already told you this??)

Erin- new underwear! Yay! But beware: you too may soon have laundry issues...

clueless but hopeful mama said...

SNOW! Can you please send some (down? over? up?) to Southern California?? It feels all wrong to hang Christmas lights in a tank top and flip flops, if you know what I mean.