Thursday, July 9, 2009

Farm Share, Week 3*

This week we received (from left):

lamb's quarters (yes, the common "weed", but also edible and nutritious, and somewhat like spinach), chard, kale, turnips, potatoes, 3 kinds of lettuce , and (center) radishes, beans, and parsley.

We made a sausage/potato/turnip/kale soup last night that was soooo good, we'll be using most of the greens for salads, I'm using the parsley in hummus, and the beans we'll steam for dinner tonight. I'm honestly not sure what in Sam Hill to do with chard, but I'll probably end up steaming it or something. Also? The lambs quarters? I'll try it, but it might end up liquefying before it's gone.

*we purchased a half-share, which is roughly half a bushel per week for 18 weeks. Coming this fall: me sobbing over piles upon piles of squash, while a semi waits outside to drop off more squash.

Finally, Teh Earings:


Tess said...

Did you know that your daughter has a PERFECT NOSE? It's true! Celebrities spend good money every day to have noses like that!

Man, I am weird today. She is beautiful though. So cute.

Astarte said...

She looks beautiful, and yes, you will be sobbing over the squash. Get ready to make zucchini cake, cookies, bread, and muffins!!!!!

Swistle said...

Squash muffins!