Friday, July 31, 2009

Niece, Toads, Jumping Pillow, Gymnastics Show, CSA Week 6

I have not posted pictures in awhile, so let's just get right on it:

Photographic proof that my niece really is all that and a bag of chips:

The four girls enjoying a bedtime snack:

Niece June is only 30 days older than Marin. She looks like she could be a year older, no?
Having her here this week is sort of like having 2 sets of twins, only without the horrid "two newborns" stage to survive through.
The Bigs played together, and the Littles played together, and I scurried around behind everyone picking up barbies and dress up clothes and polly pocket shoes and cracker crumbs.
It was fun for Marin to have a 24 hour playmate, all to herself.

Meanwhile, Joan and Kate caught about a million baby toads at my friend's house yesterday morning. They put them in a Nalgene bottle and brought them home to "train". They are the tiniest little guys you ever saw:

So far we've only had to bury 3 (out of, according to the Toad Census 2009, 26). Not bad, not bad. They've been making their home in our previously empty sand and water table. We are going to have to release them, but so far the girls have convinced me that their training is not complete and they just need a bit more time with them.
(They are being trained not to jump on each other, not to jump out of the water table, and how to "stay", among other things.)
Next, here's a snap of the (in)famous jumping pillow. It does not allow you to *really* see what we are talking about, as this thing is about the size of a tennis court, but you get the idea:

The Bigs like to put on "shows" for our family, sometimes even making up "programs" ahead of time (and sometimes even charging us for them!). They are usually a combo of trampoline tricks, Camp Rock/High School Musical songs, and some healthy bickering. Last night's was supposed to also include "Toad Tricks", but the show had to be cancelled at the last minute due to a scheduling conflict with the performers (i.e. rehearsal overshot bedtime).
Here's the practice:

Finally, here's what we got in our farm share for Week 6:

Arugula, lettuce, beets, more effing radishes that are now too hot to eat, kohlrabi, white radishes, white onions
beans, cucumber, & potatoes in the center
We're still going strong with eating all of this up every week, though a few stray items usually end up as food for our compost pile.
Wow, that's it. Hope your weekend is great. Cheers!


Erin said...

Wow. All four girls are radiantly beautiful. I am floored. You should have another. I am 100% IN FAVOR of it.

I still don't get the jumping pillow thing. Am I missing something? I don't understand WHAT it is. It looks like a yellow table to me.

Swistle said...

I sometimes feel sorry for Henry because he doesn't have a playmate. We have The Bigs, The Twins...and Henry.

I can't believe how cute all those girls are. You have good genes in your family.

"Toad Census 2009" and "how to 'stay'"---HA HA HA HA HA!

Lynn said...

I love what you said about it's like having two sets of twins. And the chasing after them picking up Barbies, etc? Hilarious. Whenever my b/g twins each have a friend over, this is exactly what it's like. I really like your post. Found you through cluelessbuthopefulmama. You can check out my life with twins at twinmommusings

desperate housewife said...

Oh, my sisters and I ALWAYS used to put on shows for our parents, aunts and uncles! Good memories. That's one of the best parts of childhood, imo- thinking your tedious little dance recital/skit is the most riveting and exciting production in the world.

Astarte said...

I remember putting on dance shows for people during the opening to Solid Gold!

They are all so beautiful, and I want one of those bouncing pillows so bad!!!!!

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