Sunday, July 26, 2009


I'm writing this from SD, sitting on my mom's deck.

I know I sound like a broken record, ok, but the AIR here. THE AIR. I guess *maybe* it smells better to me that to the average person due to emotional connection, and the area of your brain that associates scents with pleasurable experiences ETC (<-- ok, I think I just made that up), but wow. Wow-zee-wowwow. For all the millions of reasons why I probably will not ever live here again in my life (the most important one being I LIKE my LIFE in Tiny Town), whenever I get here, I feel at home.

We've been reunited with our children, natch, and you know what they say- absence makes the heart grow fonder and blah, blah, blah. It is true, so much so that I think I should be away from my kids more often, because I appreciate them so when we are back together.

I did learn a couple of things while they were away. While I did get some projects completed, I did not come close to completing my list. I was making an effort to balance "productive time" with "pleasurable, lazy time" and I think by the last 2 days I had it figured out.

However, I do think that sometimes having the kids around makes me *more* productive, because their needs, interruptions, and time schedules cause me to be much more efficient.

Having the kids gone WAS better for projects such as painting a table (pictures coming) and giving their rooms a good shake down. I can only image the "help" I would have to vehemently deny with the painting, and the PROTESTS to all the crap I got rid of during the cleaning.

So! In conclusion! I'll keep the kids. But I'll try to farm them out a little more often.

And now, without any attempt whatsoever at a creative segue, I have to say that that wedding video? That I posted the other day? Yeah, I'm addicted. I've watched it probably 10-15 times, and I love it more each time. Oh, how I wish I could get married again- to David, of course- so we could do something fun like that.

I've got my sister convinced that we can do that for her wedding, though she's not engaged or anything. Though, I'm sure churches everywhere are drawing up their "policies" regarding "dancing in church" AS WE SPEAK, because couples are going to be inspired by that video. I can almost hear the furious typing of conservative clergy, as they update their "wedding handbook". Hurry kids, get married soon, before the new rules hit the press!

But seriously, I get a surge of happy! along with choked up every time I watch it.

It's my favorite YouTube video, hands down.


Beautiful Neighbor said...

Remind me to tell you the story I have about the wedding video, and what a small world it is. Also, glad to know you got choked up watching that, because SO DID I, and my sister gave me crap about it.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

I'm with you. I had to STOP watching the video for awhile because I cried every time. I love it!

So, I'm thinking SD is San Diego and not South Dakota?! (I grew up in South Dakota so my mind goes there first...)