Thursday, April 15, 2010


-for the feeling that washes over me every morning when my girls leave for school; a sense of peace and appreciation for their teachers, their school, the positive, healthy experiences in that place.

-for not having allergies. And not living with someone with allergies. For being able to fling the windows open in the spring and not close them until it gets to hot (or, sometimes, too chilly). For being able to snuggle my cats, pet a dog, make a meal without worrying about it.

-for my husband, who WALKED IN THE DOOR yesterday at 5pm- much earlier than usual- and was able to help me finish making dinner. My head (OH MY HEAD)... I had such an awful headache, and we were signed up to bring dinner to a friend w/ a new baby... and oh MAN was I ever glad to see him.

-for this Early-June-in-April we are having. I know, global warming blah blah blah (I'm actually quite concerned about our planet and our resources etc); HOWEVER. I am enjoying this warmth, this budding, blooming, flowering, this... spring, I guess is the word. This must be the nicest spring Minnesota has had for YEARS.

-for East Coast Anne's upcoming visit. She'll be traveling alone with two kids (ages 1 and 4). And I am so glad she's willing to do that; so excited about her visit that I can't think about it too much without having seizure-esque episodes of pants-wetting. She centers me, makes me feel more like ME, and the world makes more sense when I'm with her.

What's making you happy right now? What are you grateful for?


Jess said...

I am grateful for my husband and dog and house and the lovely weather and good health care.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

For SPRING, oh Spring!

For sunshine and baby legs and dark chocolate covered ginger.

For two girls playing together (sort of).

For tulips and robins and blogs that make me feel something (like yours).

For good books and soft pillows and DATE NIGHT ON SATURDAY WOO HOO!

d e v a n said...

Oh yes! Spring! And my husband coming home today!

Anonymous said...

That my family is healthy and that I've managed to lose almost 4 pounds so far this week.

Erin said...

My very cool friends who live a very similar life to us are coming to visit this weekend from Chicago! Yay!

And I saw a blue-gray gnatcatcher on one of my areas that I manage. And I correctly identified it just by the call before I found it in my binoculars. It made me feel smart.

(Unrelated: let's get pictures of Marin & Emmett in their orange hoodies with the hoods pulled up. So the focus of the shot is really on their faces. Then we'll compare!)

Seester said...

not going to mention my upcoming visit? just kidding. I'm not coming near as far as Treehead

designHER Momma said...

you know what? We have many of the same things to be thankful for. Good teachers, healthy families (and pets) and fantastic husbands.

ec anne said...

awwww, right back atcha, dollface. :)