Saturday, April 3, 2010


My mom and Uncle Kiner with my kids. More photos here.

My mom and baby brother Kiner are here this weekend, to celebrate Easter with us. As usual when we have company, we've been playing hard and sleeping little.

Yesterday we all loaded up and went geocaching for our first time, and we all loved it. Well, all except my brother, who was more frustrated by his GPS than he was enjoying walking in the woods.

I don't see Kiner as much as I'd like, so I've really been enjoying his visit. He's fun and easy to be around and my children adore him. He's an awesome brother, and Seester is an awesome sister, and my other brother is... less than awesome. (Remember this?)... but as far as siblings go, I think 2 awesome ones out of 3 is not bad. Not bad at all.

In other interesting family news, my dad broke up with his girlfriend. (You can read more about her here.) And moved (temporarily, I think) in with Kiner. Since he was still married to my mom when he moved in with his girlfriend, his girlfriend purchased the house in her name only. Therefore, she was able to kick him out.

First and foremost, I was concerned for my dad. I don't like seeing him kicked out and left "homeless". He has a large lab that is a mostly-outside-dog, so renting a place is not easy for him. Kiner owns a beautiful home- much closer to my dad's work- and lives there alone. So for now, the two of them are enjoying each other.

(My dad is a crazy-fun person to be around.)

However, beyond hating seeing my dad in a vulnerable position, I'm soooooo relieved he's not longer dating THAT WOMAN. After Christmas... oh, you guys.... I've been dreading (DREADING!) seeing her again. Or letting her be around my kids. Or dealing with her in any way. Dreading it in the way that my stomach literally hurt and I felt physically ill when I thought about it too much.

I don't trust her. And frankly? I think she's crazy. CAH-razy.

So, we'll see how this all pans out. I suppose there's always the chance that they'd get back together....

(My fingers are crossed.)

Anyway, our weekend has been great so far. We spent the afternoon at my aunt's toasty-warm greenhouse, planting and looking and smelling flowers. My girls came away smelling like soil and sunshine, so content.

We've dyed eggs.

And been shopping.

And every evening all four adults have spent quality time together. Each on our own laptop, of course. But there's something strangely comforting about this too: we've been together all day, and we still want to be together, while we each check into our virtual worlds.

It's quiet and cozy.

Occasionally, someone announce something funny to share. Or we'll crowd around one laptop for 45 seconds of Youtube. And then it's quiet again, as we all go back to our own corners of the internet.

(My mom is also single again, and INTERNET DATING via her new blackberry while she's here. My mom, you guys. MY MOM! Internet dating!)

Ahhh, families.


Anonymous said...

He isn't dating HER anymore? Well that's good news!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Swistle said...

My heart LEAPT UP at the news that he broke up with That Woman, and I hope they don't reunite! I've thought of that situation several times, with a sick feeling.

Bách (Nikki Nguyen) said...

Your blog is so awesome. I've been following your blogspot for quite a while and just created my own blogspot yesterday to make it easier to subscribe. What you write is just so brightly beautiful. :)

Bách (Nikki Nguyen) said...

I really hope they'll get back together though. But if other chances happen, hope they'll both be truly happy.

Best wishes to your family! :)

Jess said...

Sounds like the break-up is a short term loss for a much larger long term gain. Let's hope it sticks!

KS said...

Oh man, I hope the breakup is permanent. Glad you had such a lovely time with brother and mom. Happy easter.