Wednesday, January 20, 2010

(More) Family Douchebaggery

Yesterday, my brother updated his status on fb to say: "2010, Year of the Conservative Revolution. Congrats to Scott Brown, and thank you Massachusetts. God Bless America."

To which I replied "I just barfed".

He then said "You know, I don't need flaming liberals in my life. Sorry sis."

And then he DELETED ME FROM HIS FRIEND LIST*. And the question begs, am I also deleted from his real life? He did say "in my life". Hmmm.

*It must be pointed out: he could have just deleted my comment.

I guess the lesson here is that he is such a delicate flower that he cannot handle having ANYONE with opposing views in his fragile little existence. Had I known I was dealing with someone so dainty and weak, I would have tread much more carefully.

I guess I was fooled by his egotistical nature. He *seems* strong and even much like a bully. Had I known how frail he was I would never have dared caused him such stress. I mean, imagine it! Not even the strength to deal with different opinions! How dare I jar his world so! Poor guy!

Also, someone should tell him that when he makes public statements in a forum that actively allows comments- such as a status update with a built-in "comment" button- that he MAY OCCASIONALLY GET COMMENTS that are slightly different from his own opinions. I mean, I know it's hard to imagine, but it sometimes happens, & even the weakest among us must face this fact.

Or, you know, not update with such inflammatory statements.

So, now I'm off to hit publish and hope to hell he doesn't find this blog.

*fingers crossed*

P.S. Everyone has a GENETIC RELATION that boggles the mind, right? RIGHT??? Please say yes.


Sahara said...

OH YES. Hell, probably the primary reason my blog is anonymous is so my sister can't tune in and judge that one teensy sliver of my life. I'm sorry your brother's a douche.

Lurking seester said...

I am seriously starting to wonder if he doesn't have some kind of serious mental disorder. Mom thinks so too..Frankly, he kinda scares me. He is such a wild card, you never know what he is gonna say or do.

Katie said...

I've got several in mine, actually. Jeesh. Apologies in advance, but your brother is an ass! I love that you are not just a liberal, but a flaming one at that. Ha.

Jess said...

Wait, you're WORRIED that he sees this blog post? After what he said and did, WHO CARES? I mean, SERIOUSLY.

I haven't been reading your blog for long so I don't know, but for a brother to say he doesn't want you IN HIS LIFE due to your opposing political views... that's awful.

Becky said...

Some people are so WEIRD about politics. Ugh. I have some relatives like that too, although thankfully not my sisters.

PS. I feel like I should post a link to this on BabyCenter. I know I'm a glutton for punishment for even reading the forums on there, but seriously, people need to get this through their heads: "...when he makes public statements in a forum that actively allows comments...that he MAY OCCASIONALLY GET COMMENTS that are slightly different from his own opinions. I mean, I know it's hard to imagine, but it sometimes happens, & even the weakest among us must face this fact."

I've been reading on there lately and everyone is so frakking touchy!!

Marie Green said...

Jess- I am only worried that he would find this in that there is no end to his meanness. The biggest thing he'd probably do is out this blog to my entire family, which wouldn't be the end of the world, but there *are* people (my dad's girlfriend, for example) that I don't really want sharing this space with me, ya know?

Tess said...

Oh dear. This is just...I mean, it's almost FUNNY, except for the fact that it's SO NOT!

The Crazy sort of runs in my family, so actually what defies belief is that my sister and I are (somewhat) normal.

Marie Green said...

Tess- oh, I agree. It IS funny. Except for the part that he's going to die alone because he's alienated EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. on the planet.
Well, and the fact that he's my brother, and my comment wasn't _that_ offensive. It was more joke-y, ya know?

Sarah said...

That is such a smug and STUPID update. I can't believe yours was the only response that was less than positive. Did he delete EVERYONE from his friends list?
Oh and for the record, yes, plenty of the crazy in my gene pool too. Like, ACTUAL crazy.

Marie Green said...

Sarah- ah, yes, he DOES delete any comments that disagree with him. And he updates political stuff often, so I imagine he deletes quite a few comments. Also, I've heard he's deleted friends that repeatedly disagree with him, but heretofore he hasn't deleted any of his FAMILY. I mean, fb is the main place where we see photos of each others' kids and such.

So far, I have not acknowledged that he's deleted me. Don't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing I noticed (or cared).

Anonymous said...

Ugh. The SAME thing happened to me recently. Cousin made a very rude, inflamatory political statement on facebook. I made a comment. HOLY COW! You would have thought I killed her first born. So I deleted her. She begged me to be her friend again so I added her back. She still makes REDICULOUS political statements only now she adds in the comment section that if you disagree with her you can just save yourself the trouble of commenting and just delete yourself from her friends list. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Honey, there are several people in my family that I would not only not be friends with if I were not related to them by blood, but I wouldn't even scootch over on a crowded bus to give them a seat.

Erin said...

OH YES. Oh. Yes. Yes. Yes. You have no idea. I've got MAJOR genetic mind-boggles in the closet.

Also, I am SO SORRY about the mastitis! Oh, you poor thing. That is just awful and so entirely unfair. I hope you are feeling better.

Swistle said...

OMG!!! That is so astonishing and unfair!!! Especially since he'd just made a flaming conservative remark!!!!

YES I have people like this in my family too. I have one uncle who...well, I won't get into it, but he has views that make me wish I literally COULD barf. Right onto him. Whenever he says his things.

Also, lurking seester's comment was so comforting to ME, I hope it also gave you some comfort.

d e v a n said...

YES!! We all seem to have a Crazy branch on our family tree.

I can't believe he would delete you for that!

sg said...

I have just spent the last 30 minutes reading your blog. BOY, do I miss you and your great humor. Hang in there, I hoope you feel beter soon!!

Old School/New School Mom said...

I can't believe he deleted you! That is so wrong!!!

clueless but hopeful mama said...

I can't tell you how comforting it is to read this post and these comments. Because I have crazy relatives too.

And then I look at my girls and I hope and I PRAY that they don't get any of the crazy. And I hope and I PRAY that they will have a good relationship with each other and won't go around deleting each other from Future Facebook (v. 8.0) over disagreements such as this.

Laurie said...

If you only have one relation who boggles your mind you are doing well!! Although I am thankful not to have been deleted from any FB accounts so far - if they start reading my blog though...well, it is definitely possible!