Sunday, January 24, 2010


On Saturday, these young ladies turned 7 years old.

Seven! Seven years ago, I was a brand new mama- to twins, no less!- and I could not have been more terrified.

The past seven years, under the tutelage of Profs. Kate and Joan Green, I have learned more about love, patience, devotion, and patience (did I mention patience? EMPHASIS ON PATIENCE) than I could have ever imagined.

I've learned that the reason that I have so much to learn about patience is not because of anything they are or are not doing, but because of my own shortcomings as a person.

I think it's safe to say that all-in-all I've learned more about myself, than anything else.

So, with two three very excited little girls- and their dolls!- in tow, we headed to the American Girl Bistro, to celebrate in "Spoiled American" style. (That's, um, how *I* describe it. I don't think the folks at the bistro describe it that way at all.)

Since freezing rain and snow and other non-below-zero weather has been plaguing the area for the past week, my mom was not able to make it for the celebration.

Fret not, however. The nice folks at the American Girl store were happy to take all of her money and put together a GINORMOUS gift for the girls, which was waiting at our table when we arrived.

(I was embarrassed enough by the gluttony of it that I removed the bags for the photo.)

(You should have seen the girls' eyes when they saw those gift bags, though!)

So we had lunch with three plastic dolls. Wherein the dolls (the dolls!) got waited on right along with the people. I have to hand it to them, they've thought of everything. I also have to admit that it was a very sweet experience, and everyone was very kind.

And then we went on rides at the Mall of American theme park.

For about 12 hours.

No, really.

(The girls both got a free wristband because it was their birthday. Totally worth it, especially when you have twins. Sorta makes me want to go back in time and unslap all those folks that oh-so-originally quipped "Twins! Two for the price of one!")

(Because- and I'm sorry to spell this out for you but I can't help it- twins are 99.9% of the time NOT two for the price of one. They are usually DOUBLE the price of one child.)

Anyway! Rides!

They had a blast; they really did. Some very good friends of ours were able to join us, and none of our five girls could wipe the grin off her face. They were all drunk with happiness and glee.

But 12 hours! At the Mall of America!

(I'm still recovering.)

They had a fantastic day, despite the fact that they both went to bed sobbing- at almost 11 pm- because their legs/feet hurt.

My feet hurt too! It was a big day. A long day.

And even though we spent so much time celebrating them, I still can't believe they are my daughters. My beautiful, smart, long-legged, looking more different all the time, seven year old daughters.

*Sigh* Seven...


Seester said...

Looking at these pics, I was thinking how different they are starting to look too.. so weird.. I can't believe they are 7 either.. That seems so much older then 6

d e v a n said...

WOW - what an awesome birthday! Happy birthday to Joan and Kate!

Jess said...

They are so gorgeous! Happy birthday to both of them!

Anonymous said...

Seven - wow! Your girls are all amazingly beautiful and bright. Just like their momma.

Trish said...

SEVEN! OMG! They are so pretty. I love the picture of them with their doll backpacks. They look SO HAPPY! Sounds like a long but fun day of celebrating. I would have loved to have gone to an American Girl Bistro lunch with my mom - what a happy memory for them to treasure! Hope you are feeling much better Marie!

Anonymous said...

What a great day! Happy birthday Kate and Joan! -Bethany

Sarah said...

They're such lovely little ladies! Happy birthday!

Swistle said...

What a great birthday!

shruley said...

Very cute. Does everyone get a free wristband on their birthday?

Marie Green said...

shruely: yes, but it has to be the actual birthday and you have to have proof.