Friday, April 30, 2010

Just Another Friday... OH WAIT

So, I have what appears to be mastitis again. And I haven't breastfed in 2 years. AND I don't have a fever, which is a prerequisite for mastitis, doncha know.

So, it's either mastitis or IBC.

I made the mistake of googling "mastitis vs. IBC"... BIG MISTAKE.

Because it turns out that if it's not mastitis or an inflamed/plugged duct, it's cancer. You know according to the Mighty Internets.

And it's not just any ol' cancer, it's a cancer that one site said had 100% mortality rate, and another site said it USED TO have a 100% mortality rate, but now it's "just" something like 50%.


My doctor is out of the office today (of course... OF COURSE SHE IS), and I don't see the point of going to Urgent Care just yet (because of the no fever thing) (and because of the general "heads up their asses" thing).

I do however have body aches and general malaise... so I'm sitting here telling myself that it can't be cancer if I feel achy. And then alternating that thought with OMFG my symptoms sound an awful lot like IBC.

A friend just called and talked me off the ledge, at least a little bit.

But I can tell you one thing, I'd feel much better about this whole "mastitis" thing if I had a raging fever.


Jess said...

Doesn't it seem like these ailments ALWAYS show up on Friday afternoons? I am SURE that this is NOT IBC, but for your sake I hope you are able to get a doctor to confirm that for you ASAP.

Swistle said...

Here's hoping for a nice roaring fever. And that sound facetious no matter how I phrase it, but I do really mean it.

Marie Green said...

Swistle- *I* am sitting here wishing for a fever, which is possibly the oddest fervent wish I've ever had. SIGH.

Erica said...

I've decided that you do, indeed, have mastitis since IBC is just too effing scary to even consider, ok?

Anyhow, when you get diagnosed with it AGAIN, you might want to have that shit checked out because shouldn't you stop getting it when you're so far past breastfeeding? Or does mastitis occur to women who aren't or haven't breastfed. Maybe I'm woefully uneducated... ok, there's no "maybe" about it.

Marie Green said...

Erica- I learned last time that yes, one CAN get mastitis even if they've never been pregnant/breastfed etc. It's not as common, but does happen.

Also, this is the same side where I've had mastitis several times in the past... which makes me hope/wish/pray that I'm just more susceptible to it?

Erin said...

It probably IS mastitis. That is a much more likely, even if seemingly uncommon, explanation.


Please keep us posted. Because, my dear, I do love you.

Erica said...

Totally makes sense that you just have a wonky boob that's prone to being a drama queen. I have decreed it so it's true. The End.

Party of 5 said...

New to your blog, love it. Wishing you a feverish weekend, my friend.

d e v a n said...

Can't stress bring on Mastitis? I bet that's what happened! Feeling stressed about something?

It is Mastitis, especially since it's happened before. ((hug))Dr Google is never a good idea, sadly I know this from experience. ha!

Sarah said...

I wish on you a raging fever!

designHER Momma said...

praying for a fever? no, I'm just going to pray. Seriously, thanks for sharing, and I'm really praying.