Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ballerina Hair

I have always wanted a daughter. I had Ideas of how I would raise a little girl, most of which revolved around feminism and not allowing Barbies into our home. Also, I have Issues with little girls and dance recitals. All the tiny gyrating hips and make-up and overly fancy costumes= gross. (Real ballet is beautiful and simple and not one bit about lipstick or turning your preschooler into a slutty teenager.) ANYWAY.

So now I'm a present day mother of three daughters. We still don't have any Barbies, but we do have lots of "princess" dress up clothes (almost as bad, but still). And we have Desires to take dance.

We've reached a compromise. They take dance during the summer, through community ed. There is no recital, therefore no $200 costume, no JonBenet Ramsey-ness, no pageant moms. I send them to class in simple leotards. And ballerina hair.


(No picture... yet. But imagine 2 little buns, one on each side of the head. Two cute tiny perfect little buns. Perhaps I should mention that it has taken 4.5 years to grow enough hair to even require the use of a barrette, so the buns- well, many many people thought they'd never have enough hair for buns.)


Mama's Moon said...

Awww! The buns sound adorable! I too share the same angst over makeup and little girly 'necessities' as the majority puts it. Pretty much on a weekly basis my mother talks smack about my decision not to pierce my daughter's ears -- she's 14-months old! Cripes woman!!

*sigh* As for me, I wait silently and anxiously (with barrette in hand) for my daughter to sprout enough her for me to wrangle it in!!!

Butrfly4404 said...

community ed is the greatest thing to ever happen to children, I believe. Pretty much any class they want for under $50 - and no commitment buying equipment and such.

I saw a comment of yours (I think it was about the Y) at Moosh in Indy and thought "She sounds like she's from MN!" hahah, I was right!

So hello! from another Small Town Meenasowtan!

Erin said...

I just have to tell you my family's famous Ballerina Hair story:

My sister absolutely LOVED ballerinas as a little kid. She had the leotard and ballerina books and little pink ballerina slipper-shoes.

And then my brother told her one day that "Ballerinas are bald," because he thought they were, with their hair tied back so tight like that.

So my sister went into the bathroom and CUT OFF ALL HER HAIR so she could be a ballerina. My Grandmother was babysitting us at the time and she was SO upset. My mom just laughed at the whole thing, which is probably better than I would have done at the time. The photos of my sister from that time in her life are pretty hilarious, with a totally butchered head of hair.

You're girls are older than my sister was at the time, but make sure they know, Ballerinas Are Not Bald!

feener said...

i have 2 girls and i am prepping myself for all this. I got your comment regarding the glass castle. I read it a while back and LOVED it. It is an amazing story. Makes you think, wait I am not such a bad mother after all huh ?

I really enjoy that type of book, survival against odds. have you read First they Killed my Father ??? it is utterly unbelievable, yet all true in our time !!

feener said...

hey - i also got your potty comment - thanks a ton....yikes you did it with twins, i should not complain with just one !! thanks for reading, i am adding you to blogroll....looking forward to reading yours

Brillig said...

I only have one girl and three boys, so my daughter is all things girly rolled into one little person. I too love ballerina hair. We do lots and lots of ballerina hair around here. Hahaha. She's like 12 girls all rolled into one.

And I'm SO looking into community ed now...

Swistle said...

I am SO EAGERLY AWAITING the day when Elizabeth will have enough hair for Ballerina Hair.

Katie said...

AMEN! I am so scared of the paegent thing! My sister was in classical pre-professional ballet since she was three and there were NO tutus. No makeup. Just rigorous standards and athleticism. When she was in the Nutcracker of course there were costumes and such, but it was ART. And classical. I loved it. I am a big fan of the classic arts.

The ballet hair sounds adorable!

Katie said...

P.S. I also loved The Glass Castle.