Friday, July 20, 2007

Couch to 5K

Ok, well, I'm not quite sure what happened, what came over me, but Swistle proposed starting the Couch to 5K program... And I told her I'd join her.

Now, technically, I don't even "know" Swistle, nor she me, and also I could *say* I was doing it, and not do it. But you know, integrity, and trying to have it. Also, Swistle has a new baby, who is much younger than my baby, so if she can do it while living the "breasfeeding all night" lifestyle, than I'm going to have to get clever here.

So quick, give me some excuses, ummm I mean reasons, why I can't do it. Here's the list I have so far:
1. I'm tired.
2. My baby was up a lot last night, and I'm tired.
3. I read late into the night, my baby was up a lot, and I'm tired.
4. I got a new Netflix movie in the mail, and I watched it last night, and I'm tired.

See? Not very creative.
We're starting the 29th of July, for the 2 of my readers that do not also read Swistle. So if you want to laugh along, I mean, play along at home, let us know!


Swistle said...

Maybe pretty soon you'll be able to say: 5) Swistle quit, so I'm sure as heck not doing it.

Marie Green said...

I had to call the hubby in to read this comment. I'm not just saying LOL, I really DID laugh, out loud!

Butrfly4404 said...

I've actually thought about doing this. I need a REAL plan, though, because saying at 10:pm, "I'm going to wake up and run tomorrow" just doesn't cut it. I never get up. Or I do and the coffee pot isn't clean. I need a PLAN, darnit.

Good luck. Try it before you make excuses (says me, ha!).

Doulala said...

I swear we are living the same lives. I started this last week so I can be ready for the Race for the Cure 5k.

Check out iTunes. There's a really great Couch to 5k podcast. It's called Podcasts for Running by Robert Ullrey. I'm just finishing up week 2.

Doulala said...

Duh, I just checked out Swistle's blog & saw that it was already mentioned in the comments.

Swistle said...

...Wait a minute: two of your readers don't read Swistle? WHY DON'T THEY READ SWISTLE?

Doulala said...

I didn't but I will now. :-)

Yap's mom said...

Check out this page of Flapyap's blog about her birthing experience at an Army hospital in Alaska!

She needed YOU!!