Thursday, July 5, 2007

Things That Are Restoring My Will To Live... and Blog

1. Amoxicillin- After 4 nights of ZERO sleep from about 2am on, I finally said Uncle! and took Marin into the Doctor. See, she didn't have any symptoms, except a recurring fever, but damn I was tired. Anyway, Dr. said she has some redness in one ear, and that maybe for her, that was a "bad" infection. She couldn't find any other explanation for the fever, so we'll take it. And we'll also take the antibiotics. Cross your fingers that tonight will be restful.

2. Guacamole- Besides chocolate, this has got to be one of Earth's best foods. Can I get an Amen? I made some today, as a special treat for myself for puttering around Walmart while Marin slept, and I waited for her prescription. Do you know how badly I wanted to be sleeping while she was sleeping? Anyway, I ate... well, I'm not going to tell you how much, but if you see me and notice my shiny coat, you'll know it's from the guac.

3. Candy Corn (on the cob), fresh strawberries, blueberries, and cherries- The only other food that I wish was in season right now is peaches. Damn, I love summer eatin'.

4. Tribal Love- Pammy is coming over tomorrow for some more communal mommy-ness. So, no matter how much sleep I do or do not get tonight, I will have a lovely day tomorrow. And also someone to eat guacamole with. Maybe she'll even volunteer to wash some lettuce.

5. Yellow Baby PJ's- Can we just agree that all baby pj's should be yellow? There's just something so pure and honest about a baby in yellow sleepwear. I put Marin my favorite sleeper tonight, just so I'd feel all squishy about her. I needed to feel squishy about her, just in case she's up all night.

6. Pictures of Ballerina Hair- The bonus with this is that they like it too. Usually when I have an opinion about something they disagree with me. Ok, maybe not the best picture, but I'm trying here folks. (My kids have are going to flush my camera if I try any more to get good pictures of their hair. This was the best I could do.) Check it out:

Was your 4th of July lovely? Or at least restful? Ours was pretty close to ideal, except for the sick-ish baby and the tired parents. Our town has its Days (all small towns around here have their own Days during the summer), so we spent the afternoon at the park. We ate snow cones and kettle corn and listened to live music by people we know. Later, after chilling in the air conditioning for awhile, we walked to the Lake and watched the fireworks. We each had a warm body on our laps, and the baby snoozed, unaffected by the noise, in the stroller. It was so low key and nice that I would write more about it, if I didn't have so much lack-of-sleep grit in my eyes, and I wasn't dosing off at this very moment. Can we agree not to be to hard on me for typos, misspellings, and general lack of coherence and punctuation? Thanks so much.


Brillig said...

Oh, you sound tired. You SHOULD be tired!!!! Sigh. But hey... yay for guacamole (here's your AMEN) and ballerina hair, right?

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Amen! I loves me some guac. I could eat it everyday!

feener said...

i hope the amox works and what a nice fourth it sounded like

Swistle said...

"shiny coat"--ha ha!