Monday, July 16, 2007

Fair Week

Oh my god, I'm so damn tired I can't even swallow. Marin is, well, adorable and sweet and so chubby and soft and KEEPING ME UP ALL NIGHT. Oh, never mind. I don't want talk about it. Instead, let's talk about the fair!

Wednesday marks the beginning of my most favoritest 5 days here in Tiny Town. The County Fair. Ohh, the snow cones, the junky carnival, the animal barns (especially the baby animal petting barn), the whole-town-is-there-ness, the Fireman Onion Rings, the kiddie tractor pull, and the kiddie coin find (where, for every wooden coin you find hidden in sawdust, the man gives you a REAL! QUARTER! This is Joan and Kate's wet dream.)

I just love moving my family from one picturesque setting to another. In my wet dream, my life would be one Kodak moment after another, with a silent and invisible photographer capturing it all. The fair, with it's 1950's simpler life feel, is Full. Of. Photo-ops. Sure, we arrive in our sleek Graco Metrolite instead of the family Oldsmobile, and the kids are wearing crocks and the teens are listening to IPods, but the 1950's feel still predominates. I'm telling you. Wet. Dream.

Also? It is usually so goddamn hot here this time of year that after a brief outing to the fair we come straight home to treat each other for heat stroke. But this year? It's so mild! We've had the windows open for weeks, I haven't seen any mosquito's, and the highs are upper 70's, low 80's. Sure our lawn is brown, and we're like 9 inches below our normal rainfall for the year, but cool breeze! Windows open! Who cares if you get slivers walking across the grass. Many people here are very irritated by this, for we are a people PROUD of our extreme weather, but I'll take it.

(Stay tuned for Wednesday's post, where I'll bitch and moan about how HOT is it here. Oh, gods of weather, please don't punish me for gloating.)


Black Sheeped said...

Here, in WY, although we only get around 11 inches of precip a year, people still want lush green grass, so they water their lawns for at least two hours a day (we see one neighbor who waters for six to eight hours a day) and the grass is still fairly brown and crunchy in a lot of lawns. The last two summers, halfway through, I've grown horrified by the water use and decided it's better to let it just die. And be crunchy.

I love fairs of all sorts. Especially petting zoo types of fairs.

Katie said...

I don't even know you, but I love you. You read Anne Lamott. You live in Minnesota. (All my relatives live there...that is where my Norwegian roots are! Bring on the lutefisk!) I am very happy to have discovered your blog!