Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Things are slowly, EVER. SO. SLOWLY, starting to melt 'round these parts.

As you can see, the sidewalks are still tunnelish, with snow piled high on each side.

And many snowbanks are nearly 5 feet tall, like this one in front of our house. Keep in mind that most of this snow fell long ago (December?), and we've had many days of temps *just barely* warm enough to cause a little melting. So the piles are sinking in on themselves, bit by bit.

So these photos are the "after" all of the melting.

But they are still very tall. As you can see.

The girls' snow fort is still holding steady. They have outfitted it with lawn chairs and a skylight.

Despite the piles and piles of snow everywhere, I can smell spring in the air. Our 30 degree days feel warm to us, for we are Minnesotan after all, and we'll take them!

Many of us have even taken to going around coat-less. Or driving around with our windows down. I'm not making this up- pinky swear!

In part, we are all simply insane from cabin fever, yes. But the sun feels so warm now! And things are drip, drip dripping all day long.

(Marin and I, as well as all members of the Green household, still wear coats and hats. No mittens though.)

We've also exchanged the snow boots for rain boots.

Because even amidst the piles of snow, there are still a few puddles that must be jumped in. Amiright?

And let's just say that if things start melting any faster than super-duper-slow, I'm going to build a houseboat. You in?


Giselle said...

I love your house!

And you make me frightened about possibly living in Minnesota someday. ;) (One of the 500 possible future moves my husband has told me is our future)

Trish said...

Oh little Marin is such a sweet baby doll. Wonderful pictures!!!!! My brother lives in St. Paul and feels that same way you do - 30 degrees?? Top down on the convertible!!

Kader said...

Amen to the snow melting! We can see our whole (dirt) road here in Vermont! Soon, I'll be able to take the baybee on walks in the stroller.
Oh, btw, I LOVE your house!
And I also love Minnesota. I'm a transplanted Midwesterner, and VT is the closest I could get my east-coastie husband to the midwest. Damn.

Jess said...

My GOD you have a lot of snow. And now I remember why we moved to Colorado instead of Minnesota. We have one little ice patch in our backyard but everything else has melted by now.

GreenStyleMom said...

Look at all that snow!! That's what I remember growing up.

And I love your screened in porch..

Anonymous said...

We saw the sun today. THE SUN! It was glorious!